Keep anxiety under control during the planning process.
Stressed or Anxious Bride
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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 18% of the population-including many brides-to-be. While anxiety manifests itself in countless different ways, some brides find that their mental health negatively affects the wedding planning process. They may feel a level of panic and worry that goes beyond the typical stress-induced wedding emotions. If you're an anxiety-prone bride trying to plan a wedding, these five tips may come in handy.

Hire a Planner

After getting engaged, the initial thrill of saying "I do" can quickly turn into stress. Your to-do list suddenly fills with an overwhelming array of wedding tasks and that alone is often enough to make any bride crazy. But for those with anxiety, a long list of tasks can induce intense feelings of crippling panic, stress, or worry. Consider hiring a wedding planner early in the planning process. Splitting the responsibilities with someone else can help ease the burden and let you breathe easier. A wedding planner can also talk you through tough decisions and set a reasonable timeline, which makes delegating tasks a cinch.

Take Regular Breaks

Whether you hire a planner or choose to plan the celebration on your own, every bride should take regular breaks along the way to prevent burnout. This is especially important for brides with anxiety, who may suffer from a more intense level of burnout from the pressure. Regular breaks can rejuvenate your mind, balance your stress levels, and give you a fresh perspective on the big day. Take a night off and enjoy a date night with your husband-to-be, or head out for a run between vendor appointments.

Consider a Long Engagement

Similarly, anxiety-prone brides should consider a long engagement. Having sufficient time before the big day allows you to plan at your own pace. You won't need to book a venue, choose vendors, or decide upon your bridal party right away, which lets you avoid demanding and stressful deadlines. Long engagements are especially useful for brides with on-and-off anxiety; they can plan during their good days and take a much-needed break whenever their anxiety decides to act up.

Don't Fall Into the Pinterest Trap

With anxiety often comes a desire for perfection, and some anxious brides may worry that their wedding won't live up to expectations defined by Pinterest, magazines, or blogs. Remember that you shouldn't feel pressured to incorporate anything and everything you see online into your celebration. A wedding should be a reflection of you and your husband-not a collection of ideas you found through search engine results.

Accept Help

Friends and family members will always offer to help during the planning process. Don't automatically turn down their support if you're feeling, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. Recruiting a few friends or bridesmaids to help with small tasks-like creating the place cards or finding a hairdresser-can relieve some stress, and, for the indecisive bride, asking someone for a second opinion about stationery design or flower arrangements can eliminate tons of unnecessary worry and doubt.


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