Believe it or not, there's a lot of information that goes into their pricing process

By Alyssa Brown
September 12, 2019
wedding place setting with men and floral arrangement

One of the most common complaints we hear from couples planning a wedding is that they can't find any information about pricing on vendors' websites. For most vendors, their pricing varies depending on a number of factors, so they don't have a one-price-fits-all approach to weddings. Instead, they'll need more information about your ideal celebration in order to be as accurate as possible when providing a quote. Here are some of the basic factors they'll take into consideration when putting together a customized quote.

Guest Count

This is obvious when it comes to catering and how many guests will need to be fed, but a little less obvious with other vendors. For example, while you may think it makes no difference to your photographer whether you have 30 or 300 guests, your wedding guest count has a big impact on most of your vendors. In the case of a photographer, they may need to bring in a second shooter and/or an assistant to cover your guest count. In the case of your florist, they'll need to know how many tables you'll have and how many people are in your wedding party to put together a starting estimate.


If your wedding location isn't within the same municipality as your vendor is located, they may increase their pricing accordingly. For example, if their team will have to drive three hours to and from your venue, not only does this mean they likely can't take any other weddings that weekend, but they'll need to cover travel costs and possibly put some of their staff up in hotels for the weekend.

High Demand

Quite simply, a popular wedding date (i.e. peak fall or spring Saturday) means you're competing with many other weddings. Vendors want to ensure they're making enough off of your event to make it worth turning down others. For some (though not all) vendors, this means charging higher than usual fees.

Venue Rules and Restrictions

Some venues have difficult restrictions that mean a vendor has to load in within a very short time frame. They'll have to be super-staffed for that, which is a cost that'll always make its way to the client. There are also venues that require extra insurance from vendors, require them to pay for parking, or have other hidden costs that often get carried from vendors to their clients.

Special Requests

Every event is different and has its own set of special requests or curve balls when it comes to pricing. Maybe you've asked your florist to import peonies for all the bridesmaids' bouquets during off-season, or maybe you've requested a custom light fixture to be made to hang over your dance floor. The great thing is that most vendors are happy to give line-by-line pricing so you know where you can easily cut costs if any of these requests put you over the budget line.


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