Some key ways to win her heart (if you haven't already).
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This isn't just any Mother's Day-it's your first one where you're engaged or married to a guy who's got a mother he loves. And he wants the two of you to love each other as well. So this Mother's Day, plan on making it memorable. Here are some ideas to try (but do take into account how you'll celebrate with your own mom, too!).

Honor his family's Mother's Day traditions.

If the clan always goes to his aunt's house in the suburbs that day, don't suggest doing brunch downtown. Since it's your first time celebrating the holiday as an official member of the family, you'll want to go with the flow. If they have no traditions, use this as an opportunity to make some.

Write her a heartfelt note.

It's fine to get your mother-in-law a store-bought Mother's Day card, but rather than simply signing your name and his, take the time to express yourself-maybe say something nice about her generous spirit (or another positive trait) or how you appreciate what a good listener she is, and how you look forward to spending many Mother's Days with her in the future. Moms treasure handwritten sentiments and keep cards like this pretty much forever.

Invite her over for dinner.

She's probably used to making dinner for everyone else all year long, so it'll be a treat for her to have someone else do the cooking. Find out from your groom what some of her favorite dishes are, and put them on the menu. She'll be touched that you went out of your way for her. Cooking's not your thing? Get prepared food. It's the thought-not the chef-that counts.

Arrange a girl's day out the day before for just the two of you.

It may be awkward at first if you don't know each other that well, so start with pedicures or yoga, which aren't one-on-one experiences. Then take her to lunch or for late-afternoon cocktails. By then, you'll both be relaxed, and you can get better acquainted over margaritas.

Ask if you can call her "Mom."

What better time than on Mother's Day to address this often-sticky subject? But do it only if you'd feel comfortable with "Mom" and you get the go-ahead from your guy. If he knows she'd rather you call her by her first name or nickname, then drop the "Mom" mention.

Ask her to tell you about the day her son (your groom) was born.

Moms love to tell the birthing stories of their children, and even if you've heard it before, let her tell you it again. Women may forget the pain of childbirth but they'll never forget the joy.

Have a two-mom get-together.

If they live near each other and get along, see if your mom and his are into a joint celebration. This would be convenient for you and the groom since you wouldn't have to do separate visits that day. It would also help your mothers bond with each other, which would be a heartwarming thing.


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