Outfit Inspiration from the Most Stylish Same-Sex Grooms

grooms wearing blue gray accented wedding suits with red boutonnieres
Theo Milo Photography

When same-sex grooms choose their wedding day looks, one of two things typically happen: They either go for matching ensembles or opt for entirely unique styles that highlight their respective personalities. We love both approaches (there's no wrong way!), but you'll ultimately have to decide what feels right for you and your husband-to-be. This is often a good place to start: Before you begin shopping for your big-day tuxedos or suits, decide whether or not you want your looks to have a degree of cohesion.

To help you make that choice, we rounded up some of the most stylish same-sex grooms whose attire (and accessories!) stood out on their wedding day. We were sure to highlight both coordinating and individualized styles to cater to whichever fashion path you choose. If you do decide to take the matching route, consider donning traditional tuxes or fitted black suits—you can't go wrong with these classic looks, which nearly always translate well across all body types.

If the matchy-matchy approach isn't for you, but you still want to wear looks that reference each other, make like these grooms, who made their individual styles work in tandem. Though their styles featured the same pieces (a jacket, button-up shirt, and straight-leg pants), they felt distinct thanks to their unique colorways. Their matching red boutonnières—which tied both ensembles together—also raise a good point: You can use accessories, like shoes, bow ties, or even sunglasses, to make drastically-different garments work together.

Whatever you and your fiancé choose to wear on the big day, the following stylish grooms will guide you through the selection process, coordinating jackets, next-level accessories, and all.

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Jackets and Neck Ties

grooms smile in field portrait photo
Anna Delores Photography

These grooms looked in sync in their The Black Tux ensembles, despite their different jackets and neck ties.

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Traditionally Chic

grooms wearing black wedding suits with one wearing floral print tie
Justine Milton Photography

One groom put his own stylish twist on traditional wedding attire with a floral tie; the rest of his ensemble matched all other aspects of his husband's outfit.

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Matching Bow Ties

grooms wearing opposite gray shade color suits with printed bow ties
Sarah Kate Photography

Though they wore different shades of gray, these grooms used their respective bow ties to reference the other's tonal look.

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Blue and White

grooms wearing all white suits with royal blue jackets
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

These gentlemen topped their otherwise all-white outfits with matching blue jackets from Brioni. Colorful Sperry boat shoes gave this beachy duo a unified look.

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Matching Accessories

wedding couple
Lauren Ashley Photography

These grooms sported Suit Supply get-ups in the same material, but each man chose a slightly different shades of blue. They used their accessories (including their LIVE! Event Design boutonnières) to tie their styles together.

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Maile Leis

rob franco wedding grooms leis around necks
Bonnie Sen Photography

Despite this couple's mismatched ties (the groom on the right sported one from The Tie Bar, while the groom on the left chose a J.Crew option), the rest of their looks were identical, right down to their Maile leis by Puna Kamali'I Flowers.

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White and Black

joe tim new orleans wedding grooms recessional petals
Marquez Fotos

This happy twosome wore black-and-white ensembles—but each did so in his own way. The gentleman on the right sported a white Tuxedos to Geaux suit and Bonobos shirt, an orange bow tie from SeanStanley Design, and brown shoes from ASOS. The other wore a white suit from Ebay, a black Saks Fifth Avenue shirt, a Baik Menswear bow tie, and snakeskin Tuxedos to Geaux shoes.

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Dark Hues

eric eryc wedding grooms outside
Wilde Scout

Collectively, this pair looked chic in darker hues. One groom went less traditional with a Michael Kors turtleneck, which he wore under a purple Tommy Hilfiger jacket. His husband wore a plaid suit, also by Tommy Hilfiger.

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Designer Flair

george shawn wedding grooms by flowers
Ben Christensen Photography

Here's proof that drastically different attire can still feel cohesive. The gentleman on the left wore a patterned Alexander McQueen suit while his groom-to-be chose a classic solid option from Givenchy. To bridge the gap between their entirely different looks, the man on the right chose a McQueen tie that perfectly matched his fiancé's floral attire. As the perfect finishing touch, they both opted for Lanvin fabric flowers in lieu of boutonnières.

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Dapper Suits, Different Accessories

Rebekah Molloy

Although they were equally dapper in J.Crew suits, this couple went for different accessories. The groom in blue sported tan Steve Madden shoes and a matching Stag Handmade tie and pocket square. His partner in gray donned blue Cole Haan kicks and a Fox & Brie bow tie.

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Eclectically Bold

Lauren Kinsey

This handsome pair went bold for their big-day looks. The gentleman on the right sported a velvet blazer, while his counterpart donned a plaid Armani jacket (the tartan's scarlet accents matchws the red huw of his husband's velvet suit).

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Different Colorways

sanjay steven wedding grooms holding hands
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

In an effort to complement each other's looks without coordinating completely, these grooms wore Hugo Boss tuxedos in different colors.

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Sunglass Accessories

Christina McNeill

This fashion-forward couple had different wedding looks in mind, but agreed to style them with chic sunglasses for their portraits. We love how the groom on the right matched his studded sunnies to his embellished lapel.

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Cultural Attire

sanjay steven wedding grooms
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

For their multicultural ceremony, this pair donned embroidered Indian sherwanis in blue and peach from Maharani Fashion.

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Different Designers

tory sean wedding lake placid new york couple grooms hands
Apryl Ann Photography

Despite sharing nearly identical wedding looks, these newlyweds opted for different suit designers. The groom on the left sported Saint Laurent; his husband wore Lanvin.

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Aqua Jacket

Steve Steinhardt

These grooms wore the same textured Tom Ford tuxedos, but with one major difference: The groom on the right ordered his jacket in aqua and accessorized with a succulent boutonnière by HollyFlora.

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Tailored Grays

Court & Kelsey holding hands during recessional
Kay Kroshus

In search of timeless suits for their wedding, this pair decided on matching tailored gray ensembles from Suit Supply.

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Classically Unified

jermaine scott wedding dc aisle dogs
Abby Jiu Photography

For a unified, classic look, both of these grooms wore traditional tuxes from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

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Mixed Blues

couple grooms pose holding hands
The Happy Bloom

Blue jackets from H&M and brown shoes were the only commonalities between this duo's looks. The gentleman on the left slipped into a matching blue set with a floral tie, while his partner mixed it up with pink slacks and a blue tie.

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