They're popular for a very good reason!
Chalboard Sign
Credit: Andi Mans

By now, you've seen oh-so-many chalkboard wedding signs and sipped your share of signature cocktails (most likely in Mason jars...), but you can't help but think these darling details would be just the right touch for your own big day. While some people might tell you these popular wedding trends are totally overdone and encourage you to stay away, we're here to remind you that they're popular for a very good reason-everyone LOVES them! These are tried-and-true favorites, and you can always incorporate your own sense of style to give them a personal touch. Check out the nine details guests won't be able to get enough of:

1. Chalkboard signs

Just because your bridesmaids have seen a ton of "choose a seat, not a side" signs doesn't mean your distant relatives have. If you love the look, go for it! Chalkboard signs are super versatile and more DIY-able than ever with the recent invention of the chalkboard pen (which is much easier to write with than old fashioned chalk).

The Most Creative Wedding Signs

2. Photo booths with props

The photo booth has practically become a wedding day mainstay. From charming vintage booths and DIY set-ups to newer digital options, your guests will go to town! Worried that those silly props are totally "basic"? As it turns out, no one can resist a pair of oversize sunglasses, a boa, or a mustache on a stick...

DIY Photo Booth Backdrops to Upgrade Your Wedding Reception

3. Burlap and lace

If you're taking the rustic route (hello, barn wedding!), it's really hard to say no to a little lace or burlap. Wrap it around your bouquet, lay it across the dinner tables, build a photo booth backdrop. Sure, you may have seen it before, but isn't it so darn charming?

Signature Cocktails
Credit: Adam Barnes

4. Signature cocktails

Yes, you've been served an Appley Ever After Martini before, but signature cocktails are always a nice wedding day touch (especially if the bar is only serving up wine and beer). Embrace the silly names and get creative with your libations. Consider incorporating your new moniker or your honeymoon destination. Maui Wowies, anyone?

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5. Cupcakes

These sweet treats may seem like a trend, but we can't think of one good reason not to serve up the delicious confections. Cupcakes are typically more affordable than a tiered cake, and you can have fun with more flavors and designs. Kinda sounds like having your cake and eating it, too, right?

6. Group favorites on the dance cloor

You might roll your eyes when The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" comes on (is it 2009 again?) or you hear those first few notes of "Shout," but there's a reason everybody plays them. Guests love a good crowd favorite, especially after a couple of cocktails, and they'll be filling up the dance floor before you know it.

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7. Midnight snacks

Who doesn't love sliders or a slice of pizza after a few hours of dancing? Can you ever have enough? Finger foods keep your party going and your guests well-fed.

Wedding Snack Bar Ideas for Late-Night Snacks

8. Lawn games

Just when you thought you couldn't play another round of corn hole ... But the fact is, guests love lawn games! Sure, you've probably played a couple of cocktail hour games this wedding season, but it's no reason not to break them out at your own celebration. They're a sure hit for guests of all ages.

9. Wedding hashtags

While your older relatives and family friends might dismiss your hashtag in a heartbeat, your younger friends (and even younger cousins) will love posting photos across the social media universe. So, create your perfect hashtag, share away, and watch the photos roll in!

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