A Floral Trend We're Loving: Garland Wedding Bouquets

garland bouquets rebecca hollis
Rebecca Hollis Photography

If you've been searching for nontraditional bridal bouquet options, you've probably come across a few creative alternatives. Chances are, you've even stumbled upon one of our favorite new bouquet iterations—the garland. These trailing, flower-studded vines first gained popularity on wedding tablescapes, as substitutes for more traditional floral centerpieces. They've now migrated on over to the bouquet sphere, and we're so glad brides and florists alike have helped make it happen.

Like their cousin the cascading bouquet, garlands are over-the-top and read more like a bridal accessory than a floral arrangement. There are, of course, ways to make this typically-lush bouquet option feel minimal and understated, if that's the vibe you're going for. Ahead, you'll discover how many brides opted for simple greenery vines, instead of in-bloom varieties. That's not to say that we're not a fan of the dramatic, colorful garland bouquet, however. These versions are undeniably eye-grabbing, especially if they feature blooms that reference your overarching wedding color palette.

The coolest part of this specific trend? There are many ways to "wear" garlands. Drape them around your shoulders like a pashmina, or lower, so that they rest just above your elbows (like this bride did with her Greenwood Events garland!). If you're not into physically donning your garland, work with your florist to find an inventive way to carry it instead. While you'll discover a few of the more imagined ways in the upcoming slides, noteworthy options include creating a ribbon handle, or attaching loops of your vine to a piece of driftwood and carrying it down the aisle in your hands. Click through to discover the rest of the ways to make this garland bouquet trend your own.

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garland bouquets kayla barker
Kayla Barker

Like their tablescape counterparts, not all garland bouquets feature bright blooms. This simple olive leaf option by The Wildflowers is proof that the style works sans roses, peonies, or dahlias.

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Bridesmaid Bouquets

garland bouquets gia canali
Gia Canali

Who says garland bouquets are just for the bride? These bridesmaids carried trailing trumpet vines, which were freshly plucked from the venue on the morning of the wedding.

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garland bouquets harmony goodson
Harmony Lynn

There is something to be said, however, about adding in those lush varieties, as evidenced by this Pink Pelican Florist arrangement. We also love the pine base—talk about fragrant!

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Matching Ponytail

garland bouquet with greenery and matching ponytail holder
Jo Bradbury

Your garland bouquet doesn't have to be your only floral bridal accessory. Camomile & Cornflowers also created a greenery ponytail holder that exactly matched the bride's personal arrangement.

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Green and White

garland bouquets jennefer wilson
Jennefer Wilson

Break up a greenery-centric garland bouquet with lots of baby wildflowers, à la this Posh Floral beauty.

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garland bouquets britt chudleigh
Britt Chudleigh

Make like Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers and layer in berry vines to bring another degree of dimension to an already-cascading accessory.

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garland bouquets lets frolic together
Let's Frolic Together

Don't want to loop blooms around your shoulders? Carry your garland, instead. The Lavender Rose added a ribbon handle at the end of this rose and greens arrangement, so the bride could hold (not wear!) it.

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bride and bridesmaids
The De Jaureguis

Connect your own bridal arrangement back to your bridesmaids' by opting for the same shape. We love how this bride subtly altered her Mindy Rice Design garland to feel different, by opting for all-red blooms (as opposed to white and crimson).

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garland bouquets jana williams
Jana Williams

Here's another way to carry this bouquet style—tie midsections of the vine around a piece of driftwood for a natural, beachy display.

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Garlands and Braids

garland bouquets mackenzie keough
Mackenzie Keough

We love how this extra-long vine by Mum's Flowers subtly references the bride's loose braid.

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In Bloom

garland bouquets rebecca hollis
Rebecca Hollis Photography

Don't be afraid to really layer on the florals—a garland with a strong base can support the weight! Greenwood Events used red roses, neutral hydrangeas, eucalyptus, and berries to bring this epic creation to life.

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Hoops and Vines

garland bouquets ashley bosnick
Ashley Bosnick

We love it when two major floral trends work together. This bride's greenery garland paired prettily with the rest of her big day's flower design, which included hoop accents.

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garland bouquets shaun menary photography
Shaun Menary Photography

Check out the clever spiral at the top of this GRO Designs clutch—it guaranteed that the garland wouldn't slip off the bride's wrist as she walked down the aisle.

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garland bouquets carmen and ingo
Carmen and Ingo Photography

This Moana Events orchid garland actually connects to the bride's veil. It (literally) spans from head to toe.

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glara matthew wedding cascading bouquet
Heather Waraksa

This Saipua creation was a piece of art—which makes sense, since it was inspired by a circa-1912 oil painting by Romaine Brooks. The piece features a woman carrying a garland bouquet (looks like this trend isn't as new as we thought!).

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Lei Ceremony

garland bouquets krista photo
Krista Photography

While we're all for the aesthetics of this floral trend, not every garland bouquet is just for show. Hawaiian lei exchange ceremonies, which take part during the wedding service, help symbolize the love and commitment the newlyweds share. While some involve swapping individual leis, others (like this one, by Canteiro!) include wrapping the couple in a single vine, instead.

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All Pink

garland bouquets maria harte photography
Maria Harte Photography

Garland bouquets come in all forms—from wild and full, to modern and simple. This Gromeza Floral Design Studio garland channels the latter, thanks to its one-bloom (carnations!) composition.

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dog wedding flower girls greenery leash aisle
Emily Wren Photography

Who knew that a garland could also double as a leash? If you choose to replicate this Beautiful Blooms idea for your own pup's walk down the aisle, just be sure to use animal-friendly greens and flowers.

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Vintage Vibes

garland bouquets kristyn hogan
Kristyn Hogan

Pair your greenery garland (Cedarwood Weddings was responsible for this one!) with a vintage-style veil for a look that's decidedly retro.

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