26 Easy (and Adorable) Flower Girl Hairstyle Ideas

Special kid-friendly hairstyles for both long and short hair.

Flower Girl Hairstyle Curls and Bow
Photo: Caroline Tran Photography

If she's old enough to walk and talk, your flower girl most likely takes her role in the wedding pretty seriously. She's been practicing throwing those petals for weeks! And for good reason—before the bride walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on her. She also knows that part of nailing her job is looking her best, which is where an adorable, age-appropriate hairstyle comes in.

How your flower girl ultimately chooses to wear her hair is dependent on a few things, but your preferences should obviously be one of them. Still, don't forget that kids are kids, and getting them to sit still for an elaborate updo that perfectly mimics your own might not be in cards. Plus, you'll want to ensure their hair is arranged in a way that will be comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception.

With that in mind, we've rounded up a few easily-achievable, elegant looks that'll suit every flower girls' attention span. And with styles for long, short, curly, natural, and baby-fine locks, there's a look here that's bound to work with your favorite little one's hair.

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Braided Twist Side Ponytail

Flower Girl Hairstyle Twist and Braid Side Ponytail
Callie Manion Photography

Reinforcing a twisted side ponytail with a braid underneath meant this flower girl could shimmy and shake all night long, with no risk of flyaways.

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Wrapped Side Ponytail

Flower Girl Hairstyle Wrapped Side Ponytail
Pahountis Photography

Wrapping a loose section of hair around the elastic band instantly upgraded this flower girl's ponytail.

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Natural Curls

wedding flower girl
Tec Petaja

This beauty played up her natural curls with a pink wildflower and yellow hydrangea headband.

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Loose Twist

Flower Girl Twist Hairstyle with Babys Breath
Amy Arrington Photography

A curly piece of white andromeda mimicked the wave of this simple pinned-back twist.

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Buns and Flower Crowns

Flower Girl Bun Hairstyle with Flower Crown
Almond Leaf Studios

The only thing cuter than a flower girl in a classic high bun and flower crown? Two flower girls in high buns and flower crowns.

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Little Buns


Aaron Smith

This little one proved that a simple hairstyle (look at those cute puff buns!) is often the most adorable.

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Reverse Braid Side Ponytail

Flower Girl Hairstyle Reverse Braid Side Ponytail

Gucio Photography

Achieving this reverse French plait was easier than it looks—the stylist simply tucked hair under instead of over while braiding.

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Half-Up Half-Down with Braid

Flower Girl Hairstyle Crown Braid Half Up Half Down
Harwell Photography

Framed with a loop of wildflower blooms, these pulled-back braids got a bohemian touch.

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Curls and Bows

Flower Girl Hairstyle Curls and Bow
Caroline Tran Photography

An oversized bow kept this little one's short curls in place.

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Pinned Curls with Tiara

Flower Girl Hairstyle Pinned Curls with Tiara
Hello Blue Photo

If her curly updo didn't make her feel like a princess, this flower girl's sparkly tiara certainly did.

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Crown Braid with Gold Leaves

Flower Girl Hairstyle Crown Braid with Gold Leaves
Kayla Yestal

This thick crown braid and gold leaf combs gave off Grecian goddess vibes on the big day.

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Mini Ponytail and French Braid Side Ponytail

Flower Girl Hairstyle French Braid Side Pony
Kaytee Lauren Photography

This baby flower girl looked adorable in a mini ribboned ponytail, while her pre-teen companion looked sophisticated in a plaited side ponytail.

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Tucked Braid Updo

Tucked Braid Updo
Koby Brown

Perfect for girls with long hair, this updo involved French braiding hair into pigtails and then looping, tucking, and pinning both sections up.

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Tucked Twist with Tiny Buds

Flower Girl Hairstyle Twist with Tiny Flowers
Lark Photography

After rolling up all the hair, this girl's stylist tucked in fresh baby blooms and a budding daffodil.

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Curly High Bun with Bow

Flower Girl Bun Hairstyle High Curly Bun with Bow
Le Secret D'Audrey

A defined side part and classy bow brought structure to this style's loose curly bun and sweeping bangs.

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Braid Updo with Flower Crown

Flower Girl Hairstyle Crown Braid Updo with Flower Crown
Marina Koslow

High braided updos and silk flower crowns paired perfectly with these flower girls' vintage-inspired dresses.

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Bangs and Blooms

Flower Girl Bun Hairstyle Bangs and Blooms
Miranda Hattie Photography

A dramatic floral headband showed off this little one's shiny, thick bangs.

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Low Fishtail Braid

Flower Girl Hairstyle Fishtail Braid with Flower Piece
Photography Du Jour

This flower girl's contemporary fishtail braid looked just as pretty after three hours of dancing as it did down the aisle. The looser and more undone, the better!

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Sock Bun

Flower Girl Hairstyle High Sock Bun
Plum & Oak Photo

A sock bun (made from an actual sock!) gave this little one's locks some volume and shape.

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Side Twists and Loose Bun

Flower Girl Hairstyle Side Twists and Braided Bun
Robert Radifera Photography

These flower girls (a sister team!) were lovely in a sleek, twisted style, at left, and a loose, undone bun, seen right.

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Braided Side Bun

Flower Girl Hairstyle Braid Flower
Sarah Kate Photography

Sleek and chic, this chunky wrap-around braid tapered off into a neat side bun.

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Braid-Wrapped Ballerina Bun

Flower Girl Hairstyle Under Braid and Bun
Amber Vickery Photography

After wrapping her low bun with two braids, this flower girl's stylist polished off the look with a textured floral clip.

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Loose Curls and Crowns

Flower girls
Bryan from For the Love of It

These flower girls flaunted their long hair with soft curls and ethereal flower crowns.

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Side Buns

The McCartneys Photography

For sisters who look so much alike, matching side buns were a must.

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Curled Half-Up Half-Down

carey jared wedding flower girls
Anna Shackleford

Half-up, half-down ringlets—if there was ever a signature flower girl hairstyle, it's this.

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Natural Curly Bun

Flower Girl Hair Natural Hair in Bun
Krista A. Jones Photography

This sweet style involved little more than pinning up the flower girl's pretty curls into a bun and wrapping it with a baby's breath and greens "scrunchie."

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