27 Braided Wedding Hairstyles We Love

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Photo: Jillian Mitchell Photography

Looking for a way to add a little bit of romance to your wedding hairstyle? Try a braid. The always-in-style accent is the perfect addition to just about any bridal beauty look, whether you're sporting a wispy updo, wearing your hair down, or going for a bold ponytail. Another bonus? Beyond ultra-short pixie cuts, braids are achievable on just about any hair length, from chic bobs to long locks.

While versatility is clearly one of braided wedding hairstyles' biggest advantages, utility is another selling point. Adding a braid into your hairstyle—especially if it's a style that targets the crown of your head—virtually ensures that your hair will stay put. Of course, not all braids work to curtail flyaways. Dreamier versions are often purposefully loose and contribute to that effervescent vibe so many bohemian brides are after.

Love the idea of a wedding braid, but don't want it to be the defining part of your hairstyle? Try twisting a braided ponytail into a low bun for a fun play on the signature wedding updo. Or, try tucking wildflowers along a braided half-up, half-down style—the buds add intrigue, while bringing a little something extra to the simple look. If you're interested in going all out, though, test out milkmaid (like the pretty option seen here) or waterfall braids, both of which put the style on full display. To discover which braided wedding hairstyle is right for you, feel free to play around during your wedding hair trial—using one of the following plaits as your guide.

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Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Alona Fedorenko

Brides planning romantic weddings will adore the loose and effortless braids in this updo by Tatiana Irving of Braid Studio. To achieve the look, ask your stylist to pull out wavy strands on both sides of your face for a purposely-messy (but sexy!) look.

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braids carlie statsky
Carlie Statsky Photography

This bride's multi-sectioned braid (created by Melissa Hoffman) is proof that the style doesn't have to look perfect or symmetrical to be pretty.

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braids lauren kinsey
Lauren Kinsey

To recreate this beach-appropriate 'do, ask your hairstylist to create two braids—one on each side of your head—and then wrap them around so that they overlap.

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To the Side

braids morningwild photography
Morningwild Photography

If you're lucky to have locks as thick as this bride's, consider showing them off with a low side braid. Zhenya was responsible for this pretty style.

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Dutch Crown

Alona Fedorenko

Tatiana Irving's take on a double-braided crown is perfect for bohemian brides-to-be. The combination of Dutch braids, wispy flyaways, and colorful blooms—these are by The Golden Pollen—makes for an elevated, casual style.

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floral hairstyles rebecca yale
Rebecca Yale Photography

Adding a few braids to the lower section of your hairstyle is a subtle way to incorporate this trend into your bridal beauty look. Insert a few fresh florals for a bit of romance.

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Reverse French Braid

braids amelia johnson
Amelia Johnson Photography

As far as braided styles go, the reverse French (it requires plaiting hair over, not under, each strand) is by far the most bohemian.

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braids shannon moffit
Shannon Moffit

Ground a curly, romantic bun with a braid that keeps everything in place.

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Romantic Blooms

Angelina Rose Photography

If you want a romantic but subtle style, opt for a braid that sits at the nape of your neck. Hairstylist Katelyn Webb wove a few flower stems into the base to soften this 'do.

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braids the katie jane photo
Katie Jane Photography

This windswept style by Serene Beauty Artistry illustrates how dreamy a looser iteration can be, especially when paired with a messy (but polished!) bun.

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Braid Bun

braids jose villa
Jose Villa

Looking for a way to ensure your long locks stay put for your updo? Braid the hair first (it keeps strands compact!), before twisting it around the nape of your neck.

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Down the Center

bride with modern center braid updo
T & S Photography

Modern brides, put this down-the-middle braid on your radar. The style adds contemporary flair to even the most classic of wedding dresses.

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Milk Maid

braids lotte zanden

The secret to preventing a milk maid braid from looking to "done" is pulling out a few strands to frame your face.

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Fishtail Milk Maid

braids ashley rae photography
Ashley Rae Photography

Or, put a contemporary spin on the classic look by opting for fishtail—not French—braids.

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Seeing Double

braids honey and bee photography
Honey + Bee Photography

Show double the love for braided hairstyles by stacking instead of overlapping two sections. It looks twice as nice.

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braids melissa jill
Melissa Jill Photography

As simple as this Lillian Fogel crisscross style is, it photographs fairly intricately.

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Thick Plaits

braids warm photo

Only brides with thicker hair can pull off braids with this few plaits. To achieve this style, your hairstylist will need to pull apart each section after braiding your hair fully, just like Lara Navarrini did for this bride-to-be.

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braids alyssa mcelheny photograph
Alyssa McElheny Photography

Apply a similar technique to recreate this ponytail braid, which was styled by Kelli VanHarn of KJ&Hairspray. You'll need to pull out the top section of the braid—just stop about midway to leave the bottom tighter.

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katie andre wedding bride hair updo braid
Rebecca Yale Photography

Notice how this bride's mid-crown braid follows the wave of her romantic updo, which was arranged by Lindsey Proctor.

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braids pabelona studio
Pabelona Studio

The biggest advantage to wearing your hair in a crown-to-ends side braid, like this one by Beauty Therapy Hair Studio? The style will show up in all of your wedding photos—as opposed to a down-the-middle braid, which would be hidden behind your head.

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Fishtail Wrap

braids clean plate pictures
Clean Plate Pictures

Circle a fishtail braided-section of hair around a high bun for a high-fashion touch. Jackie Schneider Beauty was behind this imagined style.

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bride with under-braid updo
Gaby J Photography

Curly-haired brides, snake a single reverse French braid around the underside of your hairstyle to keep strands from blocking the statement-making details on the back of your wedding dress.

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braids trouve photography
Trouvé Photography

The best part about this trend? It's open to your interpretation. Charmaine Tok used a twist—instead of a classic plaiting—technique to create an ethereal updo that referenced a more conventional braided wedding hairstyle.

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Flower Crown

Erin McGinn

Dress up a braided half-up-half-down hairstyle (like this one by Jennie Kay Beauty) with a flower crown. Bonus points if you use blossoms that those in your bouquet.

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Clark Brewer

Searching for a way to add volume to a simple updo? Carissa Lawlor of Locks & Lace used extensions to add volume before braiding and coiling this bride's hair into place. She finished the look with white spring roses.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

Erich McVey

Imagine taking off your veil to reveal this half-up half-down braided look, which was created by Amy Clarke.

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Braided Updo

Dana Fernandez

Braids aren't necessarily difficult to execute. This bride accessorized the look by pulling her mane into a low, braided updo and adding a colorful headpiece made of fresh flowers and small gold chains.

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