He pulled out all the stops.
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/amfAR15

Eva Longoria never thought she'd get married again-but if her recent words about husband José Baston are any indicator, she sure is happy she did! The Desperate Housewives actress, who is currently attending the Cannes International Film Festival as the L'Oreal ambassador, just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Baston on May 21, and it sounds like the newlyweds are happier than ever.

Longoria, who recently called her husband "the best part of life," opened up about the couple's celebration and shared another tidbit about married life. "I'm not a fan of marriage; I like being married to him," she explained, according to People. "I never thought I would get married again. It's him, he makes it all worth it." The actress, who has been married twice before, shared the basics of the couple's dinner plans for the occasion, but then admitted Baston had a few extra surprises planned.

"My husband's full of surprises," Longoria said. "You would think I would catch on that something's happening, but I don't, ever." So when she wanted to stay in their hotel room and play backgammon, but Baston insisted they head to dinner, the actress never anticipated that something else might be waiting along with their meal. "He surprised me at dinner with a beautiful gift and a song and a singer," she shared. "It was just amazing."

Talk about upgrading the average anniversary celebration! Here's hoping this sweet couple celebrates many unforgettable anniversaries to come.


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