Make sure your look is sweatproof.
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With summer weddings come outdoor ceremonies and, sometimes, exposure to the heat. And for brides and grooms who've spent hours getting ready-perfecting their makeup, hair, and picking the perfect outfits-that heat can be an absolute nightmare. (Just say the word "sweat" to a bride, and you'll understand that summer heat can be very bad indeed.) Luckily, there are things brides and grooms can do to keep cool at their summer weddings. Here are five expert-approved tips that'll keep sweat at bay so you can enjoy your big day.

Double-check your venue has air-conditioning.

This may seem silly to point out on the surface, but some venues may not have central air-which means even if your fête is held inside, you might have trouble keeping cool. The good news is that even if your venue doesn't have a sufficient cooling system, you can still make it work, says Valarie Falvey, owner of Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design in Cleveland, Ohio. "We have secured outside vendors to bring it in for the day," Falvey says, and you can do the same. You can even cool down an outdoor tent with outside assistance. An enclosed tent can be air conditioned. But if that's cost-prohibitive, "consider adding fans," she says. "Fans for a tent can be extremely budget-friendly and your guests will surely thank you!"

Pack plenty of bottled water.

Champagne may be refreshing-and all-but mandatory on your wedding day-but when it comes to what you drink throughout the day, make sure you're chugging plenty of H2O. "If traveling around during the hot midday with your bridal party taking photos around town, be sure to pack more than bottled water and ice in a cooler than you think you might need," advises Falvey. "Everyone thinks of the Champagne but [the wedding day] can be a long day, and staying hydrated is of the upmost importance for self-care and your enjoyment."

Choose your dress wisely.

If you know you're planning a summer wedding, steer clear of gowns with lots and lots of layers made from heavy fabrics or with sleeves, Falvey advises. "When shopping for your wedding dress, keep the time of year in mind," she says, "and do some research on average temperatures. Long sleeves and heavy fabric on a hot August day will be uncomfortable." (Grooms, you may be stuck in long sleeves, so protect yourself-and your tuxedo-with an undershirt. It may not keep you cool, but it will help to banish sweat from your nice suit.)

Get creative with refreshments.

In addition to providing ample water for you and your guests, consider adding some other cool and refreshing options to your cocktail hour or reception, Falvey suggests. "Add in boozy snow cones or spiked popsicles and you'll kill two birds with one stone," she says.

Weather-proof your makeup.

While this tip won't help keep you cool, it will help make sure you look cool all day long. Be sure to "consult with your makeup artist on the best techniques for long-lasting makeup for the weather," says Falvey. "Airbrushing is very popular here in the Ohio summertime, but if your artist doesn't provide this service, then using a face primer and setting spray also go a long way for lasting coverage." Also, keep some blotting papers and extra makeup handy!


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