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wedding candy

Since candy is one of the few things that never goes out of style, having a candy buffet at your wedding shouldn't feel like a dated add-on-it's actually a fun, interactive way to engage your guests and express your own personality, says wedding planner Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties. But if you want to make sure your candy buffet is as chic and elegant as the rest of your day, try one of these options for a stylish set-up.

Follow your color scheme.

For a cohesive look that coordinates with the rest of your décor, choose candies and containers that match the color scheme and mood you're using everywhere else. "You can make it look really chic by using a color tone, or having everything in white and gold if that reflects your wedding style," says Lowenthal. "You're choosing the candies based on what would look the nicest in the color scheme you want to display." Of course, this means you may end up foregoing some of your favorite sweets-Skittles may not match your neutral palette, for example-but you'll be creating a show-stopping décor element that's stylish and modern.

Go vintage.

If you prefer to choose more colorful (and, let's face it, probably more delicious) sweets, embrace a bright palette and think more carefully about your table setup. "I think if you're doing more nostalgic candies where it's all different colors, and maybe your wedding is all blush and white and cream, then it's all about the way you display it," says Lowenthal. Mix glass containers with vintage wooden boxes, baskets, or trays; source old-fashioned mini scoops for bulk candies; display the candies at different heights for visual impact; and add signage that matches the rest of your wedding design to create a seamless look.

Choose upscale candies.

Another option for an elegant table: Stock your buffet with high-end sweets, like personalized chocolates, specialty truffles, white-chocolate covered almonds, or monogrammed squares. Lowenthal suggests displaying custom candies on a tray so that guests get the full impact (leave the scoops and containers for wrapped chocolates or loose treats): "It can look very styled and clean, and your guests can appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond to get the special candy."

Make it fun.

Regardless of the candies you choose, setting up a chic candy buffet means styling the rest of the table, too. Accent the buffet with florals that tie into the rest of your arrangements; use linens that coordinate without matching (like a sequined cloth that makes the buffet stand out from lace on your dinner tables), and add candles and other objects to make it look more elegant, says Lowenthal. But don't go overboard with fancy arrangements: "The point of a candy bar is that it's fun and interactive," says Lowenthal. "You see people going to them and they're so happy and joyful-you're bringing them back to their childhood-so I think keeping it more fun is the way to go."


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