You'll want it to shine in photos.
Gloria's wedding engagement ring
Credit: Jose Villa

When your now-fiancé got down on one knee and proposed, you were presented with a beautiful, sparkly engagement ring. Now, however, after months of wear and tear, the shine has diminished slightly. That's entirely normal—even the hand soap you use can leave residue on a diamond ring, which is why it's important to clean this special piece of jewelry regularly. If you've neglected to do so, all is not lost. A jeweler can get your engagement ring looking bright and shiny again in no time. So, when should you have your engagement ring cleaned? Here, we outline the wedding events that you'll definitely want your diamond in tip-top shape for.

Engagement Photos

Besides celebrating the love between you and your partner and the excitement around your upcoming nuptials, the most important thing about the engagement photos is capturing the ring. Whether you intend to use the snapshots on your save-the-date, wedding website, in your wedding's guest book, or as a commemorative reminder of this special time, there's no doubt about the fact that your photographer will be zooming in on your gorgeous ring. That's why you'll want to have it cleaned ahead of the photo session.

Your Bridal Shower

Your bridal shower is all about you, so expect to have guests craning to get a good look at your engagement ring—especially those you haven't seen since the announcement. Make sure your sparkler really stands out during this special celebration by having it cleaned professionally before the party.

The Wedding

This should be obvious, right? In addition to the fact that your photographer will likely want to snap some solo pictures of your ring with your new band and your partner's ring, guests will also ask to see your new set throughout the reception. Make sure that all of the jewelry—yes, this includes your band!—is glistening so you don't look back at photos later and wish you would have taken the time to visit the jeweler for a good cleaning.


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