Flowers are the universal symbol of love.
Floral Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day, like weddings, is all about love. When you celebrate the two together, it gives that much more meaning to both. Add in the use of flowers, long associated with both special days and steeped in romance and the obvious choice for any wedding related event. That said, how you use them doesn't have to be so obvious. Since decorating with flowers is a favorite project of How2Girl Courtney Sixx, she is sharing how to incorporate flowers a few different ways to ensure your details are as unique as your love.

Rose Photo Booth

Make your own photo "booth" for guests to snap pictures, that you might like even better than the ones the professional takes. This idea can be used on multiple frames of multiple sizes or just one oversized one. To make, take a frame and paint whatever color will match with your theme or floral design. Then trim roses (or other big bloomed flowers) to the base of the bloom. Hot glue roses all the way around the frame, creating rows of flowers as you go and filling in when necessary.

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Floral Valentine's Day Ideas

Floral Letters

These oversized floral letters take monograms to a new level. Using hollow open-sided metal letters-these are typically used as wall art to hold wine corks or as frames for marquis lighting-as vessels, cut floral foam to fit the space, cut the flower stems so flowers rest just on top of foam; arrange the flowers being sure to alternate colors. When all is filled in, gently raise letter into a standing position over a sink or absorbent material to let excess water from floral foam run off. When water has stopped dripping, position flowers next to each other on a table top, bar, dais, mantel or other surface that could use a wow factor.

Floral Valentine's Day Ideas

Place Cards/Favors

A petit arrangement does double duty as place card and favor for guests to take with them at the end of the event. This color combination of soft red and rich purples takes flowers out of the "girls-only" zone, making for a decidedly chic display for anyone. Arrange flowers in floral foam that's fit to the vessel-group like flowers together, back and front to get the desired look. The gold cup vases are encircled by a black velvet ribbon (that's hot glued in back in place) is in keeping with the tone of the lilies and tulips; the gold calligraphy matches the vessel and the table setting.

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Floral Valentine's Day Ideas

Ombré Centerpiece

This display is the perfect example that not all arrangements need to be roses nor need they be one arrangement. Instead choose six shades of the same flowers-roses work but can be pricey-like carnations or peonies to go in six different containers. Cut floral foam to fit the container and, if using glass vessels, wrap with banana leaves. Trim flower stems so bloom is just above top edge of vessel. Arrange in foam in tight, dense slightly dome shapes. Line vessels down center of table from darkest to lightest shade to create ombré effect.

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Floral Valentine's Day Ideas

Floral Gift Wrap

Gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents of the couple take extra thought-why not carry that thoughtfulness through to the wrapping itself. Simple brown kraft paper and a wide burgundy silk ribbon are the backdrop for a dramatic floral treatment of cascading baby pink roses. Wrap the gift and hot glue wide ribbon in place around center of box. Trim rose stems to just at base of bloom. Roses should be large, lush and open. Hot glue to ribbon leaving hint of ribbon at each edge, starting at center of box, filling roses and working down so design spills over both sides of boxes.

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