Don't grab your wallet just yet!
Woman Trying on Wedding Dress at Bridal Salon with Friends
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It doesn't matter if it's the very first wedding dress you've tried on or the 25th: When you finally slip into that perfect gown, you just know that you've found the one. It can be exciting (and sometimes a bit of a relief) to know that the hunt for your wedding dress is finally over. Even so, two experts say there may be some benefit to trying on at least a few more gowns before you make your purchase.

Keep an Open Mind

Kylie Carlson, of the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, tells us that there's no harm in a bride trying on a few more wedding dresses after she thinks she's found "the one" because it's so hard to know how they will actually feel about any other dresses until they've tried them on. "Many think that certain cuts or styles won't be flattering on them, but you'd be surprised how many change their mind after giving them a go," she says. "Long-sleeved or strapless dresses, for example, may not even be on your radar, but you could do a 180 and change your mind after seeing it on yourself." Carlson says that you might accidentally be limiting your selection by buying a wedding dress because you assume that you'll love it more than other options or styles you haven't even tried on yet.

Stick to Your Schedule

If you made a full weekend of appointments at different bridal shops but think you found your wedding dress at the first appointment, Christine Haines Greenberg, owner of Urban Set Bride, says you should stick to your original plan and keep looking. "Our philosophy is 'do your due diligence, but don't drive yourself (or your loved ones) crazy.' If you already have a fitting at another bridal shop, keep your appointment," she says. "We'd rather our brides have a well-rounded experience and further cement their decision." If you have already blocked the time out for shopping, take advantage of the opportunity to compare more dresses to the one you fell in love with. If you still love it after you're done, you can be confident that it was the right choice.

Trust Your Gut

All of this is to say that you shouldn't force yourself to try on more wedding dresses if you're certain you know you've found the look you love. And if the idea of having too many options to choose from overwhelms you, then there's no harm in quitting while you're ahead. "There is way too much pressure on the gown buying decision," Greenberg explains. "It's just an outfit. If something makes you feel flawless and effortless, then that is your gown." Dress shopping should be fun and exciting, don't apply undue pressure if you don't have to. If you have found a dress that you love, and you don't feel like you need to try anything else on, then that's the right answer for you. "Go with your gut and you won't regret a thing."


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