Elton John Shredded the Seating Assignments for His 500-Person Wedding—Just Days Before the Event

Needless to say, his then-fiancé, David Furnish—who had worked so hard on the chart—was not pleased.

elton john and david furnish
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Recently-married couples know that the week before the wedding can be stressful, especially when last-minute issues arise. Now we know, thanks to a hilarious confession from superstar Elton John, that even celebrities aren't immune to wedding-week hiccups. Mere days before his civil partnership to David Furnish in 2005 (the couple later wed in 2014 after gay marriage became legal in England and Wales), John destroyed the 500-person guest list, complete with table assignments, that Furnish spent two days perfecting.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, John recounted the situation, noting that while the dilemma was undoubtedly stressful at the time, the couple now finds humor in it. John described finding the act of paper shredding cathartic—feeding loose sheets in, listening to the whir of the shredder. "There's something fabulous about it," he said. However, his odd hobby went a little bit too far on this occasion.

"There were 500, 600 people there and David did all the table things, so he spent two days doing it," Elton John revealed, reports The Daily Mail. "Unfortunately his desk is next to the shredder, and so I came down and went 'Oh look, fabulous' and he came down and said 'Where's the list?' and I said 'What list?'"

The music icon went on to explain how David said, "'You know, all the table planning' and I just ran out the room. I went 'Oh my God,' that was not a pleasant memory." Thankfully, more than a decade and two children later, it's safe to say that last-minute hiccup didn't cause irreparable damage.

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