Summer Friday's Co-Founder Lauren Gores Shares Her Bridal Beauty Regimen

The blogger-turned-entrepreneur opened up about clean skincare, attainable fitness, and her wedding day must-haves.

Lauren Gores and Jake Ireland
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It's been four years since You & Lu blogger Lauren Gores tied the knot in a luxurious garden celebration, and so much has changed since then. She and her husband, Jake Ireland, welcomed a son last year and kicked off 2018 with a major beauty launch (Gores, along with fellow beauty blogger Marianna Hewitt, are the founders of the new skincare company, Summer Fridays!). Time, however, hasn't made her wedding day any less special-she still remembers it like it was yesterday.

And she remembers all the preparation that went into the big day, too. From sticking to a fitness regimen that she knows works, to feeding her skin natural, good-for-you products, Gores' big-day beauty look was the result of listening to her body and staying within her comfort zone. Here, the wellness guru shares her pre-wedding and day-of beauty routine.

A normal fitness routine.

"I'm typically pretty disciplined about my workout routine, so I didn't change anything drastically leading up to my wedding," says Gores. "I aimed to workout at least three days a week with pilates classes, yoga, and light jogs." She actually attempted to ramp up the intensity of her workouts, but something didn't feel right. "Honestly, I started to not look like myself. So I went back to what I felt most comfortable doing. I also tried to eat cleaner in those last couple of months, so that I'd feel my best from the inside out."

A tried-and-true skin care regimen.

Gores first step to healthy, glowing skin? Cleansing morning and night. "I think that's so important to keep my skin on track. I used a lot of Arcona and Aveeno products leading up to my wedding, and used a cleanser, toner, and hydrating serums," she explains. On the big day, she turned to Arcona's White Tea Purifying Cleanser, Raspberry Clarifying Pads, and Youth Serum and Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. Gores also attributes her clear, calm complexion to regular facials and prioritizing sleep and health.

A hands-off hair care ritual.

"I tried to give my hair a break from the heat in the months leading up to my wedding, so I avoided the blow dryer and curling iron," she shares, revealing that she relied heavily on dry shampoo during this time. "I also love Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask for extra dry hair."

Lauren Gores with Flower Girl
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A natural beauty look.

Gores chose a classic wedding hairstyle she knew she'd love forever: down, with a deep side part, and flowing waves. On the makeup front, she was open to something more dramatic, but being done-up didn't feel organic. "I prefer really natural skin, so I use a light foundation and a cream blush (I'm currently loving the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek tints). I also wear very little eye makeup outside of mascara," she explains of her everyday routine. "Prior to my wedding day, I tried a few different looks that pushed me outside my comfort zone, but I just didn't feel like myself. So, I ultimately went with a very natural look on my wedding day as well." She opted for clean, dewy skin and made her beauty look feel more dressed up with lashes and liner. "I wanted to feel like the prettiest version of myself, while staying true to the look I feel most comfortable in."

A forever fragrance.

While some brides choose a new scent for their nuptials, Gores stuck with a perfume she knew she'd love. "I wore Chloe's classic perfume because I've loved it for years! It's a very subtle yet inviting scent," says Gores.

A classic manicure.

"I used Essie's 'Ballet Slippers' on both my hands and toes-the perfect wedding day color! So beautiful and simple," she says of the barely-there shade.

Her best advice for future brides.

Stay true to who you are, she says. "Do what makes you feel like you! I think we all feel most confident when we feel like ourselves. Whenever I tried veering into a different makeup look or a more extreme workout regimen, I didn't feel like me," she advised. As for her best skincare tips? "Sleep and water go a long way in looking and feeling beautiful on the big day," she adds. "Of course, our Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is also perfect for glowing skin! Use it overnight, and use it as a primer under your wedding day makeup."

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