Use these directions to make the crepe-paper flowers that adorn our fondant-covered cake.

To decorate the tiers with the crepe-paper bands, cut the crepe paper into strips with the ribbing running top to bottom, and gently stretch the top edge to create a ruffle. Wrap the band snugly around the tier, and secure to itself in the back with double-sided tape.

Tools and Materials

Crepe paper (purchase the kind sold in folds, rather than streamers)

Artificial stamens

Green cloth-wrapped floral wire for stems (20-gauge)

Thin wire for wrapping (26-gauge)

Green floral tape

Crepe-Paper Flowers How-To

1. Cut the crepe paper into teardrop-shape petals; for each poppy, you'll need five of the same size.

2. Pull gently across the top half of each petal to ruffle it slightly. Cluster several artificial stamens (cut them in half if they're double-ended).

3. Bend a small, slim loop at one end of each cloth-wrapped floral-wire stem, and use the thin wire to bind the bunched stamens to the loop.

4. Place the petals around the stamens, and tape in place with the floral tape, winding it around the stems to secure well and wrapping up on the petals just enough to bring them in to the stamens.

5. Wrap the tape all the way down the stem to cover. Spread the stamen tips slightly to flare them.


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