Green Wedding Cakes

Curling Lily Cake

Wedding Cake

This classic white fondant cake is rendered truly glamorous with elegant curling Calla Lilies. Only the bottom layer is meant to be eaten; the remaining tiers are Styrofoam, which keeps the flowers from touching the cake. Rubbing the stems between fingers renders them bendable.

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Fresh Hydrangea Cake

William Meppem

Originally emblazoned on the possessions of monarchs, monograms still seem to have an aristocratic air. But this cake is anything but stuffy -- fresh green hydrangeas make it perfect for a casual spring or summer affair.

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Pretty Pear Cake

Kirsten Strecker

An octagonal fondant-covered cake has mini marzipan pears with vanilla-bean stems.

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Fresh Flower Cake


From left, we used phalaenopsis, cymbidium, and 'Japhet' (we also hung them from the ceiling) to decorate these cakes. Added bonus: The cakes are delightful for decorating as well as for devouring. Small cakes like these serve as table decor as well as dessert.

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Pretty Pleats


The edible pleats here recall the crinolines beneath a cream puff of a wedding dress. Cream, green, and glittering gold create a playful color palette.

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Garden Cake


A tisket, a tasket, a cake that's just fantastic. Chamomile, jasmine, aster, roses, scented geranium, and wax flowers dress up this classic cake topped with piped buttercream in a basket-weave pattern. A particularly sweet choice for a garden wedding, this cake definitely weaves a spell.

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Daisy Cake

Sang Ann

This charming cake is reminiscent of the flowered hats of the early 1900s. Sweet daisy clusters are tucked into grosgrain ribbon hat bands. The leaves are fashioned from gum paste in three shades of green and coated in sugar, giving them the look of mottled velvet.

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Primrose Cake


This four-tiered cake takes its fanciful spirit from gowns with necklines, bustles, and hems adorned with colorful silk flowers. The flowers and leaves appear to support the weight of the tiers but are actually hiding the dowels that do the work.

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Towering Orchids

Victor Schrager

This majestic tower employs dainty edible sweet peas, which weave up the tiers of the fondant-covered cake. Fondant is also wrapped in green ridges around the base of each layer to interpret the orchids' verdant striations.

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Hydrangea Cake

Anthony Amos

This fondant-covered cake decorated with hydrangeas is made of three graduated square tiers.

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Hellebore Wreath Cake

Sang Ann

This cake has a breezy, chic feeling, thanks to a free-flowing ring of flowers encircling its middle tier.

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Tiny Sugar Hydrangeas


This cake has octagonal layers, green icing, and sugar hydrangeas.

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