Have the tissues ready—these sweet and simple ideas might cause a few happy tears.

A Mother Hugging Her Daughter

One of the wonderful things about weddings is that no two are exactly alike, in part because there are so many ways that couples can imbue their special day with heartfelt, personal touches. One of our favorite ways to do just that is to look to your parents' own wedding day for inspiration. If you're interested in mimicking your mom's style on the big day, there's no better place to do it than with your "something borrowed." Taking a cue from her nuptials-whether in the fashion or décor departments-is a wonderful way to pay homage to the woman who's been with you through everything.

Still, you want to make sure that what you borrow from her day (be it an item or inspiration) fits in with your own wedding style and vision. That's why we're sharing three of our favorite ways to seamlessly use your mom's wedding day to inspire your "something borrowed."


Jewelry, hair pins, combs, and other bridal accessories from your mom's wedding day are always a great "something borrowed" idea, particularly if the piece is a family heirloom. Get creative with how you integrate these finishing touches into your own look-the wrap on your bouquet is a great place to tuck a beautiful hair pin or other vintage accents.


Your "something borrowed" doesn't necessarily have to be an actual item worn by your mom on her wedding day. Case in point: Florals are a wonderful thing to "borrow" from your mom. If you love the look of her bouquet in her wedding photos, snap a few photos to share with your florist. You can have the pros recreate her clutch entirely, or else use some of the same blooms in your own arrangement.


So long as you have your mom's blessing, incorporating lace, tulle, or ribbon from her wedding ensemble into some aspect of your bridal look is a touching tribute. Whether that means commissioning a custom-made veil created with materials from your mom's own headpiece or styling your hair or bouquet with vintage ribbon and lace from her attire is entirely up to you.


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