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Presentation is everything, goes the old adage. And when it comes to your wedding favors, this rings especially true. Like the tokens themselves, the display doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive to be significant. Something as simple as embellishing clear bags with printed fabrics elevates mere candy to something special. Likewise, placing pots of flowers at varying heights on a plate stand turns simple gifts into a grand gesture, while innovative wrapping lets you delight with little more than paper and ribbon. Or consider a more interactive arrangement, such as a sweets station where your guests can assemble their own bright boxes of chocolate. You'll find these and other fresh takes for inspired presents, along with instructions for re-creating them, on the next pages. Here's to doing your guests a favor they'll remember.


A Bloom of One's Own

Demure and delicate, African violets are pretty little packages and, with minimal effort, can make a dazzling display. Simply slip the potted plants into panettone molds, cluster on three-tiered plate stands or let stand solo, and tuck a handwritten note inside.


Potted African Violets

Materials for Each Favor

2 3/8-by-2-inch panettone baking mold

2 1/8-by-8-inch paper

2-inch pot with plant

Pinking shears

Card stock

What to Do

Roll paper into a tube and drop into the round mold; it will conform to the mold's shape. Slide African violet pot inside paper circle tube. Write a note on card stock, trim one end with pinking shears, and tuck the other between the paper and the mold.


Pattern Play

Here, hexagonal favor boxes wrapped with colored satin ribbons make a bold statement when arranged on a table to form graphic, flowerlike designs. Stash little treats, such as a few Jordan almonds, inside, and let guests pluck one from the field.


Ribboned Boxes

Materials for Each Favor

2 3/8-by-13/16-inch hexagonal box

Ribbon: three 6 1/2-inch ribbons (for center box); 10-inch ribbon (for outer box)

Double-sided tape

What to Do

For center box, wrap three ribbons around box, securing underneath with tape. For the outer boxes, secure one end of ribbon underneath candy-filled box, and wrap it up and across top. At the far side, bend it back, then forward again to form a loop; secure bottom of loop with tape. Continue on and secure underneath.


Candy Land

Given as a favor, chocolate is always a big hit, and letting your guests assemble their own boxes sweetens the deal. Create a buffet of offerings -- we used milk, white, and dark chocolates -- and label each with a printed tag. Small boxes, secured with elastic bands, are casually stacked alongside the treats.


Chocolate Sampler

Materials for Each Favor

Paper for liner and sticker

3-inch oval craft punch

Sticker machine

3 1/2-inch-square box

15-inch-long elastic cord

What to Do

For sticker, cut paper with the craft punch; run through a sticker machine, and affix to lid. Cut paper to make one bottom liner and two dividers, as shown; cut notches in center of dividers so they interlock. (Or use our template.) Place dividers in box. Add lid, and tie on cord.


Tier Factor

Take your favors to the next level by staggering fabric-sealed bags filled with sweets on Styrofoam blocks of varying heights. The packages -- stuffed with candy sticks, taffy, and grape jelly candies -- are set upon a copper tray beneath a stately arch of kiwi vines and orchids.


Fabric-Tied Candies

Materials for Each Favor

Floral fabric

3 1/2-by-2-by-7 1/2-inch polypropylene bag

What to Do

Tear the fabric into a 1-inch-wide strip (snip fabric at edge, and tear along the grain), and cut to be 5 inches long. Twist top of candy-filled bag to seal; wrap fabric around it, and tie.


Fabric-Tabbed Treats

Materials for Each Favor

Floral fabric

3 1/2-by-2-by-7 1/2-inch polypropylene bag


What to Do

Tear fabric into a 3-inch-wide strip (snip fabric at edge, and tear along grain), and cut to be 3 3/4 inches long. Fold top of treat-filled bag over a couple of times; fold fabric over the top of the bag, and staple.


Take Your Pick

Unify your event by matching favors to the day's color scheme. Mix up the offerings, and you'll have even more opportunity to emphasize the motif. Here, soaps tied with dainty lace, candles bundled with eyelet ribbon, and doily-trimmed paper bags all reflect the black-and-white palette.


Lacy Bag

Materials for Each Favor

5-inch piece of 3-inch paper lace

Glue stick

Black paper bag (5-by-3 1/8-by-9 3/16-inches)

1/8-inch hole punch

6 3/4-inch ribbon

What to Do

Apply the glue stick along bottom of lace, line up with bottom of bag; press to adhere. Fold over top of filled bag, and punch a hole at the top center through all layers. Thread ribbon through the hole, and tie in a bow.

Lace-Trimmed Soaps

Materials for Each Favor

1 1/4-by-7-inch piece black paper

2 1/2-inch-square bar soap

12-inch lace trim

Double-sided tape

What to Do

Wrap paper around the center of soap; secure underneath with tape. Wrap ribbon around center of paper; tie into a knot on top.

Lace-Tied Tapers

Materials for Each Favor

2 tapered candles

5-by-6-inch piece printed paper

Double-sided tape

Two 7 1/4-inch eyelet ribbons

What to Do

Lay candles as shown. Wrap the paper around middle of both, securing underneath with tape. Wrap one ribbon around each end of paper. To secure, slip one end of ribbon through an eyelet hole, and pull snug.


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