With these expert tips, you'll have a gorgeous, glowing complexion in no time.
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With so many tips and tricks for glowing skin, it can become a bit of an information overload when you're trying to figure out a minimalist routine that works for you. So, we took it to the experts, dermatologists Dr. Nava Greenfield, Dr. Michelle Farber, and Dr. Michael Kaminer, and challenged them to tell what is the number one absolutely best thing to do for your skin before the wedding (or any celebration!). Read on to hear what topped their lists.


Retinoids, a Vitamin A derivative known for unclogging pores and fighting acne, may sometimes scare some women off, but they're a tool Dr. Greenfield, a dermatologist based in Brooklyn, New York, truly believes in-with the proper preparation. "It takes a few weeks for your skin to normalize to the retinoid and may become irritated and flaky for the first few weeks," she explains. "But [it] will eventually leave a nice shine and texture to your face for the big day." Differin Gel, a prescription-grade retinoid that's available over-the-counter, is a great product to start with.


"I have been asked this question from brides for 20+ years," says Boston-based derm Dr. Kaminer. "The one piece of advice I have found that they love is to have a series of light glycolic acid chemical peels every 3-4 weeks in advance of the wedding." Kaminer goes on to explain that this peel is a bit of a jack-of-all trades, tending to uneven pigmentation, acne, and dullness. And although that's his number one tip, he couldn't help but add a closer second. "Don't get too much sun pre-wedding."

A Healthy Lifestyle

Rounding out the top three tips is actually a lot of little things that add up to one big difference-maker. "The most important way to prepare your skin for the big day is first, relax. Stress shows on your skin!" says New York City-based Dr. Farber. She touts exercise, preventative measures like wearing sunscreen, and a nutritionally sound diet as the most important things to do for your skin. "Think green tea, leafy green veggies, avocados, olive oil, and fishes like salmon and tuna," Farber says. In other words, a healthy, happy bride is guaranteed to have great skin.


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