An ordinary guest book often garners run-of-the-mill well-wishes, so we came up with this clever alternative: Each dinner table bears a blank book with a question on the cover (one per table), and each guest finds a pen and a ribbon, reading "Don't forget to sign the booklet," atop the napkin.

Devising answers is sure to spark fun conversation among tablemates, and assigned topics will result in thoughtful, humorous, touching inscriptions that you'll revisit over and over.

We've supplied the questions as clip art, so all you need to do is print them on waterproof paper that will make for sturdy book covers. The notebooks slip into one another to create one big, bookshelf-worthy tome.

Notebooks, Start Here. "Adventure" paper, by Nat Geo, from Eastern Mountain Sports. "LePen" pen, by Marvy, from Lytha Studios.


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