Time to end the indecisiveness once and for all.
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Making big wedding decisions can be extremely difficult these days, especially since there are so many choices available to a bride and groom. If you're having a tough time deciding between two venues, vendors, or ideas, wedding planners agree that there are a few things you can do to make the decision-making process a little bit easier. To help you make even the most major decisions like a pro, we spoke to three wedding planners about the most important factors to keep in mind when weighing all of your different options.

Understand Your Budget Before You Do Anything Else

"Define the budget first, as that will help you narrow down what decisions are priorities and what areas you may consider eliminating," says Edward Lopez, an event planner with Michelle Leo Events. By knowing what you can and can't spend, it becomes much easier to consider the quotes you're getting from vendors.

Remember It's All About Personality

"The wedding planning process is approximately ten to 12 months long," says Jesse Tombs of Alison Events Planning + Design. That's why it's so important that you like and connect with all of your vendors. "If you have two different floral designs that both come in budget, ask yourself who you connect with personally," she adds.

Ask Yourself Which Vendor Is Bringing Fresh Ideas to the Table

"Always try and work with people that not only are able to bring your vision to life, but will also elevate and bring new and exciting ideas to meet your vision," Tombs explains. If you're between two planners, both of which you can afford, think about who will help make planning and your wedding day as fun and interesting as possible. That's the pro to go with.

Remember That Social Media Can Complicate Things

"Social media is an incredible tool when planning your wedding but it can also complicate your decision-making process by offering you too many alternatives," says expert wedding planner Debbie Geller of Debbie Geller Events. If you're having a hard time making a decision, put down the phone. Scrolling through hundreds of Instagram photos with incredible floral arrangements or beautiful dresses makes it harder for you to focus on the details you're currently considering.

Rank Your Options ​

"When a planner is giving you options, have them rank the options in order of who they think is best for you, then place trust in them if you are loving someone on the list," Geller explains. They are an educated resource and can save you time having to interview or research multiple options, she adds. Not working with a planner? Make a pros and cons list, and spend some time seriously considering the benefits and downsides of the options you're considering.


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