There's no end to this husband's social media banter with his wife.

By Sarah Schreiber
June 21, 2018
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Golden Globes 2017
Credit: Getty Images

If you're a longtime follower of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's respective Instagram accounts, you know that these two like to joke with each other. Their latest social media exchange, which involved the actress' A Simple Favor co-star, Anna Kendrick, is just another example of this. The gist of the most recent jest? Alongside a few Instagram shots of her and the former Pitch Perfect star's new movie posters, Lively expressed her love for her fellow lead-something her husband simply can't rival.

"@annakendrick47 is the hotter, female(r) version of my husband…so, would it reaaaally count as cheating??" she captioned the images. Kendrick quickly joined in on the comedy with a funny comment of her own. "So glad we're finally taking this public. I let Ryan have Deadpool, he can give me this," she added.

Naturally, the Deadpool 2 actor had a rebuttal up his sleeve-but it wasn't the firecracker retort we're so used to seeing from Reynolds. Acknowledging mock defeat, he seemingly conceded to Kendrick. "I'll miss you both. Tell my story," he wrote in the comments section.

Although laughter is clearly a paramount part of this pair's dynamic, they're just as likely to sweet talk each other to the press. After a few stars of the film Book Club, including Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda, teased Reynolds by calling him Mr. Lively-the actresses' rivalry was the result of Book Club and Deadpool 2's shared premier date-he rolled with it, stating that he was "happy about [the nickname.]" "Oh, I'm Mr. Lively 24/7," he told Entertainment Tonight in May, with his wife by his side. "It's great. [It's the] best gig."


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