Easy-to-Make Paper Decorations For Your Wedding

YunHee Kim

Paper can give an otherwise simple surface shots of color, texture, and style. Even better? These projects cost next to nothing and are a cinch to craft.

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Origami Bow Cake Topper


A single bow can turn a cake into a showstopper—especially if you pleat the same paper and wrap it around each layer. (To create a gold border as we did, use double-sided tape to layer a smaller strip of paper on top of a metallic one before creasing.) And while this is the trickiest fold we've got, it's worth it. The result is so eye-catching that once you master the technique, you might find yourself making bows to adorn everything from gift boxes to chair backs.

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Paper Garlands

Bryan Gardner

If you've got scissors or a circle punch, you can festoon your party with any of these glamorous garlands and streamers.

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Pleated Poufs

YunHee Kim

We're huge fans of these pleated poufs because they're a breeze to create. You just need to know how to fold 'em. Fashion these ruffled pendants from a wire basket, glassine, tape, and a needle and monofilament. Add a battery-operated light for a pretty glow at dinner, or keep them au naturel to catch the sun's rays.

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Crepe Paper Flower

Christina Holmes

Even the smallest flower girl will make a grand entrance when she carries a Wonderland-size blossom down the aisle. This rosette is a cinch to assemble and can be made in myriad colors.

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Ombre Paper Wall Decor

Christina Holmes

Layered rounds of paper can give an other wise simple surface shots of color, texture, and style. Even better? They cost next to nothing and are a cinch to craft.

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Crescent-Moon and Star Photo Booth


Crescent-moon and star designs shone during the 1920s and '30s; channel that era's easy glamour with this photo backdrop. To make, cut foam board into a crescent shape, spray with glue, blanket with glitter, then hang with fishing wire.

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Paper Flower Pinwheels


Flower pinwheels inspire love at first sight—and first bite, once guests devour these tiny gold luster-dusted, espresso-flavored cupcakes.

Punch used: No. 5 (see our tool kit). "Crown" baking cups, plasticcontainercity.com. Beaded stirs in white, pickonus.com.

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Heart Chocolate Box Favor


We heart these dainty, stylishly wrapped chocolate favors for your big day. To make the packaging, cut scrapbooking paper into a 1 1/2-inch-by-6-inch strips. At the center of each, cut out a half heart using a craft knife (our online template makes this easy). Then, wrap around a stack of three chocolate tasting squares, secure with double-sided tape, and fold back the heart.

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Raise the Flag


Want a creative way to direct your guests to their tables? The answer's blowing in the wind: Drape a garland of festive flags made from scrapbooking paper—each bearing a guest's name and table number—near the entrance of your reception. Creating the banner will be a breeze; get started by downloading our template.

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Paper Place Mats


Turn a sheet of scrapbooking paper into a wonderfully whimsical place mat. (No one will mistake these beauties for the cheap ones at diners.) In the upper-right-hand corner, cut a "V" shape with a craft knife to make a pop-up triangle. Write the guest's name on the triangle piece and flip it up so that when she finally floats on over to her seat, she'll know where to land.

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Drink Label


This signature cocktail, Marital Bliss, was served at Eunice and Daniel's wedding and decorated with a darling customizable label, which can be re-created to fit your own reception.

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Star Floor Runner


Sprinkle glitter over paper stars and tape them down the aisle for a radiant runner.

Die-cut foil stars in 5, 9, and 12 inches, BulkPartySupplies.com. "Herringbone" white oak floor, Plantation Hardwood Floors, plantationhardwood.com.

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Wine Bottle Table Numbers


These table numbers were made by printing numbers and a chic border onto paper and fastening them with cuff-link knots.

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Paper Chandeliers


Paper chandeliers of tissue orbs stapled to narrow ribbon and hung from the ceiling will elicit oohs and aahs from your guests and maybe even a few delighted squeals—the perfect, happy soundtrack for your big day.

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Wrapping Paper Runner


Here's a quick and inexpensive way to add style to your reception space: Use gift-wrap runners. Trim paper to any width; it should hang 18 inches over table ends. Cover tops of favor boxes with the same paper. Wrap ribbon around box, and secure ends beneath place cards. Attach cards and ribbon to box lid with double-sided tape.

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Table Skirt


Whether you plan to dine at a sweetheart table or with your loved ones at a head table, this paper table skirt ensures you and your groom will be sitting pretty. To make it, open tissue fans halfway and attach with double-sided tape to the underside of the table. Drape a sheer tablecloth over the table to soften the look.

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Paper Lanterns


The easy way to get a super-elegant look? Adorn your tables with crystal everything. The easy and inexpensive way? Dress up your tables with our paper lanterns fashioned from white honeycomb tissue ornaments. (Underneath are tall, flame-safe glass cylinders.)

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Garland Canopy


We're pretty sure "cloud nine" was coined for a moment like this. Imagine saying "I do" under a fluttering canopy of honeycomb garlands.

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Simple Streamers


Simple streamers may have looked delightful at your prom, but for your wedding, you'll want to upgrade to these buoyant, intricately designed versions. Hang them en masse, and you've got a chic way to decorate a champagne bar—or any focal point that needs more oomph.

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Winning Numbers


These number cards are a cinch to make—and they'll add whimsy and style to your tables. Slice paper into thirds to create three 4-by-12-inch strips. Score strips across the middle with a bone folder. Then, using an oversized number stamp and gold ink, stamp the number. Centering the number may be a tricky task; our online project guide has a stamping frame to help you out.

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Paper Flowers


Pretty paper flowers in your centerpiece, votives and vases wrapped in an assortment of patterns and colors, and a runner made from multiple sheets in the same pattern can elevate your tablescape from standard to sensational. For the runner, we cut reversible paper diagonally, flipped one half over, and taped together with clear tape to re-form the square. We repeated until we had our desired length and then taped all the squares together.

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Découpaged Ring Dish

Bryan Gardner

Bring the outdoors in by printing a bevy of natural pictures (we chose birds and eggs), and adhering them onto a plate to hold wedding bands, or post-vows, earrings on your nightstand.

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Decorative Medallions


To set up a writing station, hang these decorative medallions above the table to help it stand out. Then have guests write notes on the loose paper. Once a sheet's been filled, they can simply slide it into the plastic sleeves of an album. Voila! An instant scrapbook-cum-guestbook that later can be filled with other wedding ephemera.

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