And other dessert ideas for your wedding.
Credit: Jacqueline Campbell

Like so many things in both the wedding and food industries, cupcakes were a trend that lasted for a while and eventually started to fizzle out. While there are still many cupcake fanatics out there who prefer to serve these mini treats instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, couples are less likely to display various types of cupcake as the only dessert option. Here are a few ways dessert lovers are coping with the demise of the cupcake boom.

Dessert Displays

Dessert display tables have been popular in the wedding industry for as long as we can remember. There's nothing trendy about having options, so you don't have to worry about a dessert table feeling passé. It's a good idea to chat with your floral team and your caterer about how to display the desserts and who will work on making the setup look bountiful and beautiful. Adding in fresh fruits and colorful flowers will make the table look abundant and full of options, while selecting beautiful linens for the display and charming plates add to the overall feeling of the celebration.

Dessert Alternatives Trending Now

While a traditional cake will always be a tried-and-true wedding dessert, more and more couples are opting to display smaller cakes that aren't a huge decorative statement. You might have a few small one, two, or three-tier cakes on your dessert table or opt to have a few trays of mini wedding cakes instead. Donuts and milk, bags of beignets, hand pies, homemade cookies, fancy French tartlets and macaroons, gooey brownies, and a selection of various pies are all popular additions to a dessert table.

For the Diehard Cupcake Fans

If you still love the look and taste of cupcakes, we say go for it. Cupcakes are so easy for guests to grab and sneak away from the dessert table with, and even more so if you go with mini cupcakes. If your priority is for guests to be able to try a few different cake flavors without a whole lot of mess, cupcakes really are the best grab-and-go option.


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