Technology fixes everything.

By Jenn Sinrich
January 03, 2018
Photo by William Iven

All couples fight, and this simple fact is especially true if you're engaged and planning a wedding. While this is undoubtedly a blissful time in your life together, it also adds a lot of stress. There are many decisions to make and factors to weigh. "Money will be one of the first considerations, and that's a big one," says Claudia Six, Ph.D., clinical sexologist and relationship coach. "You also have to agree on who and how many guests to invite. How many potentially estranged or divorced family members can come?" She also points out that it can turn into a power struggle regarding even insignificant details that will have no bearing on the success of your marriage. These fights are all in addition to the simple, everyday things couples bicker about.

Even though it's totally normal to fight, are all of these tiffs really worth having? In the day and age when apps and voice-command systems will practically do anything for you (seriously, what did we do before Google and Alexa?), we got to thinking: Can we put them to work for the betterment of our relationships? We looked into it and found seven apps that will help you navigate the trials and tribulations in your relationship.

Problem: Who gets to pick the movie?

When you want to watch Sex and the City 2 (yes, again) and he's dying to see the new Deadpool, simply download Date Night Movies, an app that combines your two picks (new and old!) and spits out suggestions that'll satisfy you both. Genius, right?

Problem: Figuring out how to reach financial goals.

Bickering over how to save (or spend) the money you received for your wedding is no fun. Instead, download Betterment, an app that serves as your financial advisor, guiding you through the various options available to you and helping answer questions regarding saving for retirement, buying a home, investing, and more.

Problem: Forgetting to do something.

Whether it's remembering important birthdays in the family or the day of your partner's big presentation at work, reminding each other is now as easy as adding it into an app. Due App prompts you to deliver what you promised-like setting up Fido's vet appointment or coordinating plans with family friends. You can set up various reminders at once and even nudge yourself to do something again in case you forget.

Problem: Your decorating styles clash.

He couldn't make his distaste for your aquarium-themed bathroom any more obvious and you will lose it if he suggests getting a white couch one more time. Skip the interior design debacles that happen when you move in together with the help of Hutch. The app lets you snap a photo of your new living room (or bathroom or bedroom) and then it virtually clears it out for you to play around with-drop a curated selection of shoppable items into your space and then you can rearrange how you like.

Problem: What are we eating for dinner?

As much as we'd like to, most of us don't plan our meals ahead. This leaves us scrambling to figure out what we should order for takeout or what we might have hiding in our cabinets that combined together can make a meal that's edible. Enter: Let's Be Chefs, an app that send you a weekly menu personalized to your tastes. You can easily add recipes as well as your own items to the grocery list, set notifications to remind you to start cooking, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to ensure you have a delicious dinner on the table on time. The app also syncs to your devices making it easy to coordinate with your partner.

Problem: Splitting bills and paying rent.

Gone are the days of I-owe-yous and fights over who's turn it is to pay the electric bill or buy the cat food. Sharing payments has never been easier than with Venmo. The social-media savvy app lets you charge people or pay people for all different kinds of expenses. According to a reader survey by Elite Daily, 30 percent of millennials are using Venmo for splitting the cost of dates and 28 percent are using it to take care of household bills. If you don't want your expenditures posting on Venmo for all to see, simply switch your profile to private!

Problem: Staying connected while you're apart.

Whether you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship or one of you is traveling for work, it's not always easy to feel close to each other with so many miles between you. Now you can video chat on Facebook thanks to their upgraded Messenger app. It offers free video (and audio) chat so you can stay connected face-to-face. All you need is Wi-Fi and to carve out some time in your busy days.


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