Not too loose, not too tight.
wedding ring

Most people wear their engagement ring and wedding band every single day as a sign of their commitment to their spouse, but it's tough to wear your ring for a lifetime it doesn't fit properly. Given the fact that what we eat, how we exercise, what the weather is like, and other external factors all effect how your wedding jewelry fits, your rings may feel perfect one day but too loose or tight the next. So, how do you know when you have a good fit? We asked jewelers to explain how your engagement ring and wedding band should really fit.

Abby Sparks, owner of Abby Sparks Jewelry, suggests selecting a wedding band that fits right up against the band on your engagement ring. "You really want them to be in alignment to avoid pinching and to avoid banging against each other and wearing down certain parts of both rings," she says, "You don't want to cause any pinching of the skin between the two rings, and you don't want one to be too big and to spin on the finger while the other fits."

The wider the ring, the larger the size. Laina Albrecht of J Albrecht Designs says. "Just like a skinny jean fits differently than a boyfriend jean, a size wide 11mm band will have a snugger fit than a size five 2mm band," she says. Along with the width of the band, keep in mind that certain metals like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel cannot be resized, so it's important to find the right fit the first time around.

Albrecht's best advice to keep the weather from messing with your fit? "Have your ring fit just a hair snug in the hottest part of the summer and just a bit loose in the coldest part of the winter!" This will ensure you're comfortable all year round.

If possible, the best thing to do when ring shopping is to book your appointment between lunch and dinner, when your finger is likely the largest, and wear the ring or sizer while simulating a variety of activities like typing, grasping, and waving to make sure it feels comfortable and doesn't slip off.


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