Their story is humbling.
Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis
Credit: Dayna Skolkin via Instagram

Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis had planned to marry on September 3, but when the devastating Hurricane Harvey came, they knew their wedding would have to be postponed. However, they were still able to create meaningful memories inspired by their big day.

"We didn't realize how bad it was going to be," Skolkin told People. "It wasn't until the storm hit a few days in that we came to the conclusion that the wedding was going to need to be postponed, just based on the damage that the storm had done, and how much it had affected our community."

Part of their plan involved a welcome dinner at Aishel House, a local organization Skolkin's late mother helped start. Since food for the dinner had already been delivered to the venue, the couple decided to put the meal to good use. Instead of celebrating, they did something charitable. They volunteered to help feed the people who were using Aishel House as shelter.

"We knew the way to make ourselves feel better about the situation was to get out in the community and volunteer," Skolkin shared. "It was the first day that we were able to get out of our house and go out in the community. It felt amazing to get out there and do something productive for other people," she explained. "While we were disappointed that our ceremony wasn't going to happen," Tillis added, "it was nice that the fruits of our would-be wedding weekend went to such a better cause."

Now, the couple's enjoying their pre-purchased two-week honeymoon in Italy, but when they get back, they've got a game plan. They want to move their wedding ceremony to December, and hope to continue volunteering.


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