To organize, schedule, budget, and enjoy the process.

First of all, congratulations on being selected as the MVP of the bridal party! There are undoubtedly many reasons the bride chose you to be capital M-O-H, but you may be struggling to come up with said reasons now that you're knee-deep in bachelorette party planning, gown fittings, coordinating bridesmaids, and trying to budget accordingly.

Staying organized and positive is the only way to get through the coming months, weeks, or days. These apps are here to help you bring your A-game to wedding co-planning and may even allow you (and the bride) to have some fun in the process.

The Unofficial Rules of Being a Maid of Honor

Google Calendar

There are numerous shared calendar apps out there, but Google is probably the easiest for all the bridal party to access. Go ahead and invite all the ladies to join one shared calendar so you can start scheduling the bachelorette party, dress fittings, bridal shower, lingerie shower, and so forth. This is a great place to add reminders of upcoming payments if everyone is sharing the cost of the bachelorette party, or to designate a deadline for ordering bridesmaids' dresses.

Paperless Post

Depending what events you'll be planning, Paperless Post may or may not be necessary. The app allows you to design and send invitations via email and includes stock designs by Kelly Wearstler, Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., and more. Best of all, RSVP tracking and guest communication can all be done right in the app. You can even check to see who has opened the invitation in real time.

Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are no fun, but they do help you stay on track when creating a budget. The more organized you can be for this wedding, the better off your sanity will be in the long run. Google Sheets can be used to share budgets with the rest of the wedding party if you're all pooling expenses, and it can also be a tool to monitor your personal budget for the wedding.


Venmo is a total game changer for splitting costs across the bridal party. You can directly reimburse each other through the app, using a bank account or credit card. This is crucial for the bachelorette party weekend, as you'll likely all be pitching in at different times. If someone forgets to pay you back, simply send an invoice in the app.

Dark Sky

This app is most helpful for event days, especially if you're hosting a celebration outdoors and have any reason to be concerned about the weather. Dark Sky is the film and event industry go-to for predicting the week's weather with the most accuracy. If rain is expected, users can set notifications to go off minutes before the rain starts, and there's a chart that shows how much rain is expected to fall in ten-minute intervals over the next hour. Be sure to download this for the wedding day if the bride is feeling at all anxious about cloudy skies.

SoundCloud Spotify

In a bind for background music? The playlists on SoundCloud run the gamut from mellow and breezy to totally fun getting-ready music. What's great about SoundCloud is that you can follow your favorite DJs and download their pre-made mixes. Make sure you're downloading the longer mixes so you don't have to keep going back to the app. This is a fab way to avoid hiring live music for a small party, provided that you pre-listen to make sure they're appropriate for your gathering. If you fancy yourself a DJ, you can't go wrong with making your own playlists on Spotify Premium. Tip: Martha Stewart Weddings also has curated playlists on Spotify for every wedding event!

Hotel Tonight

If you're planning a destination bachelorette party, be sure to have Hotel Tonight handy on your phone. The idea is that you can get last-minute deals on unsold rooms, which is perfect for hot spots like Vegas, Miami, Austin, or Napa. Since you'll likely be planning the weekend far in advance, this is best for backup in case the Airbnb you booked doesn't quite live up to the photos.


Wunderlist is one of the easiest task management tools to use, and it's free. Think of it as a list keeper to help you get organized and stay on task. The idea is that you can keep all your lists in one spot and organize them by subject, so you could potentially have a list dedicated to attire, a list dedicated to planning the shower, and a list for the bachelorette party planning. Keep it simple and you won't forget to check your progress as you go.


Hopper is a price prediction tool for booking flights. Users can set up alerts for price drops, and when that trip to Nashville drops below $400, you can tell all the other bridesmaids to scoop up tickets. This app is very helpful for anyone planning a destination bachelorette or attending a destination wedding. Spread the savings!

Artifact Uprising

If all the bridesmaids and bachelorette party attendees have iPhones, try to get everyone on a shared album. That way, you can all drop photos in one place besides social media. After the party ends, Artifact Uprising is an app you can use for printing photos. You can take pics straight from your shared album or Instagram and drop them into a set of prints or a printed book to send each of the girls-a pretty sweet way to say thanks to all the gals for attending!


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