Seating may seem like a good place to save some dollars, but you'll want to read this before you do.

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You're finalizing the details of your outdoor wedding and someone mentions chairs. Do you need them? If so, should you get one for every guest? You're torn-renting chairs seems like a waste of money-you'd rather put those dollars towards a better video or photo booth props. But what it comes down to is this: If you want your guests to be comfortable, even during a short ceremony, set up chairs for them. Here's why:

Guests will get tired of standing.

Assuming they arrive 10 minutes before the ceremony, which may be 20 minutes or longer, guests will be standing at least 30 minutes, which may tire out some people. And then there's your pregnant, elderly, or physically challenged guests who would definitely need a seat.

Seating improves the sight line and audio.

If you've ever been stuck standing behind a vertically generous person and couldn't see anything in front of you but shoulders, you'd probably agree that chairs at the ceremony are essential. Your view may still be somewhat blocked but to a lesser degree. You'll be able to hear the vows better too when seated since the bride and groom's voices will carry above everyone's heads. This is especially important if you're having a big guest list.

Your friends in heels will be grateful.

Many of your guests will get dressed up for your wedding, and female attendees will probably be wearing heels as part of their outfits. But let's face it: Four-inch heels aren't comfortable. Give your pals a break and a seat.

Seats give guests a place to go.

As silly as it may sound, a chair is a destination, especially at a ceremony. Once everyone is in place, the ceremony can start. Without chairs, guests will wander here and there, especially at outdoor nuptials, and you'll need the ushers to corral the troops and coax them back to the ceremony site.

Chairs convey a more formal air.

Standing has a more casual vibe, as if the ceremony was a spontaneous event. Sitting, on the other hand, is more rooted to the earth.


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