This fashion and lifestyle guru is heading down the aisle, and we're excited to be there every step of the way.

Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to be working alongside Martha Stewart Weddings in the lead up to my wedding-between this website and my own, I'll be taking you behind the scenes as I figure out every detail from cocktails to makeup, shoes to our honeymoon-and of course-the dress. I think every woman has a dream of what she'd like her big day to be, and for me, having worked at a couple of wedding magazines back in my London days (I now live in L.A.), that vision is even clearer!

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After ten years in the fashion industry as a journalist and TV host, I wanted to create my own forum; a hub from which to share fashion and lifestyle ideas, and to converse with like-minded women around the world. So, last year, I created my book and blog, both named Front Roe. But perhaps one of the most pivotal parts of my career (both personally and professionally!) was hosting the MTV makeover show, Plain Jane. After traveling the world to help many young women find not only confidence, but in many cases-romance-by setting them up on blind dates, I ended up finding love myself, with the show's director, Mackenzie Hunkin. Talk about irony! We were mates who hung out and worked together at first, and I truly love that foundation for a relationship.


Flash forward to the proposal after about two years of dating. My favorite thing to do in the world is ski. I'm also your typical female, who plans everything ahead of time and is very hard to surprise. Knowing all this, Mackenzie refused to go the traditional route with his proposal, waiting until we were wobbling around inside a gondola, halfway up the mountain in Aspen. Oh, and there was a monster blizzard blowing outside. He still managed to get down on one knee, and I, sweaty from the slopes and looking seriously sub-glamorous under a helmet and goggles, was truly gobsmacked. It wasn't until we got out at the summit, that what he'd just done sunk in. I bursted into tears and got some very strange looks from fellow skiiers, who turned and wondered what on earth this man had done to me in the gondola!


So next up is the big day. We're getting married this fall, in a gorgeous historical village in England. One of the best parts of planning so far are the unexpected décor and entertainment ideas to explore, thanks to the friends and colleagues I've chatted to along the way. Chefs, stylists, party planners, designers, editors ... it's pretty awesome to have stylish eyes and opinions to help and inspire us, taking the images we have crafted and molding them into one brilliant, big party! I'm noting all the tips and will be writing blog posts imparting my advice to you guys, so check back for more insight and inspo as I go!

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