We're here to make the case for double-duty wedding details.

olive oil wedding favors

Wedding favors can easily double as escort cards if you make the right selection. Considering a gift of infused olive oil for guests? Set up a table displaying the bottles and tag each one with your guests' names and table numbers. Prefer to give your attendees something more personalized to take home? Consider writing each of your guests a message and tucking it into a glass vase with their name and table number attached to the outside.

Whatever you choose as your double-duty escort card and favor, know that having a gift attached to your table assignments will give your display a little extra excitement factor. Here are just a few of the many ways to pull off a stylish escort card display with your wedding favors in the mix.

Pressed Botanicals

If you're thinking about sending guests home with pressed botanicals, work with a calligrapher to pen each person's name on one side, then white the table number on the opposite. The sweet keepsake would be a perfect fit for a springtime or garden wedding.

Brass Keychains

A vintage brass keychain is always a nice favor, but they're especially worth the expense when they can also double as a table number assignment. Instead of having the table number engraved into the keychain, affix a small tag to each gift so that guests can use these handy gifts long after the wedding is over.

Good Fortune

Here's a fun favor idea: Chinese takeout boxes filled with fortune cookies. Each box can be beautifully calligraphed to designate guests' table numbers as well.

Handmade Soaps

When handmade soaps are your wedding favor, you'll have a wide variety of colors and textures that are perfect underlays for your escort cards. Simply set a smaller calligraphed card right on top or, if you're feeling especially creative, melt the assignment right into the top of each soap.

Floral Posies

The gift of fresh flowers is a lovely gesture as a wedding favor. Make it easy to distribute these small arrangements by tagging the names and table numbers of guests right onto the vases. At the end of the night, guests get to take their little bundle of blooms home.


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