Getting their input is never a bad idea.

By Jillian Kramer
March 13, 2020

For many people, their engagement photos are the first time they've been professionally captured on camera since their senior portraits. "Most of us don't have professional photos done very often, if ever, and it's hard to know what will look the most flattering in photos," says Nina Larsen Reed, wedding photographer in Boulder, Colorado. And that can lead to a little anxiety over what to wear. But, "luckily there's no right or wrong thing to wear, as long as you feel good in your outfits," says Reed—and your photographer is there to help.

"I love when couples ask for my input on their outfits, and I even send them a guide with tips for how to dress for their engagement session," says Reed. "I would much rather be involved in helping a couple with tips before their session than risk having someone be unhappy with their photos because of what they wore." So, don't be afraid to discuss your outfit and accessories with your photographer. "It's also a great way to make a connection with your photographer, so you feel less like strangers on the day of your photos," she says.

When chatting outfit ideas with your pro, "it's really helpful to share a photo of yourselves together from a time you were dressed up and felt great, so that your photographer can get a feel for your style," Reed says. "I also love when my couples share their social media profiles so I can do some light stalking to see how they normally dress."

Then—if you have a good connection with your photographer—send over images of the clothes and accessories you're considering. He or she can weigh on whether they will photograph well or pair well together—and with your location. "The location we're using for the photos is the biggest factor when I suggest outfits, so that's where we start," Reed says. "If a couple wants photos on a mountaintop, I might suggest a flowy skirt that will look amazing blowing in the wind. For winter, I'll suggest colors that pop against the snow."

A photographer will also consider your personal aesthetic when making recommendations, says Reed. (Remember: They want to capture you looking how you want to look.) "Many couples want something casual—something that really shows off their personal styles," says Reed. "But a couple with a formal wedding can want something equally formal for their engagement photos so their save-the-dates and wedding website can set the tone."


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