And what they're planning on doing for Luna's first holiday.
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend aren't shy about how they keep their relationship exciting. In fact, they're super proud of it (as they should be). The couple joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night, where Cohen decided to grill the two on their sex lives-and they were happy to answer.

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Cohen brought up that Chrissy had said on a red carpet that she and John got down at "that Obama thing," and the two were more than happy to answer. "It wasn't at the White House, just to be clear," John reassured. "It was a campaign event that we happened to be at." When Cohen questioned this, John said the two had sex in his dressing room. "No, it was in the bathroom," Chrissy said. "The public bathroom."

Though this was almost 10 years ago, Cohen asked if there was a time recently when they felt the need to get down in public. Well, there were two times: when John was last on tour, and in a Fred Segal clothing store.

Well, whatever (or wherever) the two have been doing, it's working. They've been married for three years, and this season the couple is looking forward to celebrating their 7-month-old daughter Luna's first holiday. "We're not going to spoil her much for Christmas because she'll have no idea and she'll have no appreciation," John told E! News. "I think most of the things we'll do for her for Christmas will really be for us … like dressing her up." If it's anything like her numerous Halloween costumes, we can't wait to see!

"We haven't done a family Christmas photo, but we're going to do a holiday party, we're going to get the tree. This will be our first Christmas tree, me and Chrissy," John continued. "We've never have had a time when we were home during Christmas because we usually travel to family members, who live in Ohio or Thailand, where her parents lived before. This is the first time that we've actually been able to be home and have our own tree and decorate our own house for Christmas and we've got our baby there to celebrate with us!"

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