Are these line items part of your wedding budget? If not, they should be!
clear tent reception on lawn surrounded by grape vines

As you create your wedding budget, you'll know to include the obvious basics like catering, coordination, photography, and floral design. Most couples, however, forget to factor the smaller but sill important details, such as gratuities and touch-up fees. While not as costly as the big-ticket items on your list, these still add up. To make sure you have all of your bases covered, take a look at the list below set aside funds for each important element.


Wedding planner Tzo Ai Ang of Ang Weddings and Events says, "Couples often forget to factor gratuities into their wedding budget for catering, ceremony musicians, band, photography, videography, hair, makeup, valet, and transport." Not sure how much to tip each vendor? Here's a guide to help.

Rain Plan

Not every back-up weather plan requires additional money, as many venues come with indoor options that don't cost extra to use. However, if your venue is outdoors and doesn't have a built-in option B, it's very important that you have factored the cost of a tent into your budget. The last thing you'd want is to get to the week of your wedding and have no budget left to properly execute a contingency plan. Talk about stressful!

Touch-Up Fees

Touch-up fees for hair and makeup are a budget line item many brides forget to factor in, according to Ang. "Wedding days can be long, especially if you are doing all the portraits before the ceremony," she says. "During the heat of summer, especially if you are planning portraits outside, you may benefit from having the hair and makeup artists stay for touch-ups to keep the shine and frizz at bay!"

Pre-Wedding Snacks and Drinks

It may not seem like food and drinks to enjoy with your wedding party while you're getting ready, but it's something to think about—especially if you'll be getting ready at a hotel instead of at home. A few bottles of Champagne and light lunch options for bridesmaids and groomsmen to graze on can add up quickly. And yes, you definitely want to make sure everyone is fed while they're getting ready!

Vendor Meals

Most vendor contracts will specify that they and any of their employees require a meal if they're on-site during the wedding reception. Some may ask for the same hot meal guests are having, while others are happy with a lighter, more affordable option. Either way, you want to factor this into your budget, as it can add up to a few hundred dollars or more depending how large your vendor team is.

Extra Time with Vendors

Most likely, you'll stick with the allotted time you've booked with each vendor. However, you might find on your wedding night that timing is running behind schedule and you'd like to keep your photographer or videographer for an extra hour, or maybe you'd like to extend your shuttles by an hour for an impromptu after-party. Either way, having some money set aside for unforeseen circumstances like these means you'll be able to make small changes in the moment.


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