White Winter Weddings

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A Cascade of Snowflakes


This cake is as magical as the season's first flurry. Snowflakes made from royal icing are miniature at the top of the cake and larger at the bottom, giving the impression of a gracefully drifting snowfall. The tiers are frosted smoothly with Swiss meringue to resemble tightly packed snow.

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Chrysanthemum Cake

Grant Peterson

Clusters of spiky "petals" of soft meringue top the layers of this cake. The same meringue, spread smooth, covers the sides. Meringue not only looks lovely, it tastes delicious, especially when flavored with a few drops of your favorite extract or flower water.

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Winter Ceremony Toss


Send a winter-wed couple off in a flurry of paper snowflakes. Use white and light-blue paper and a snowflake punch (available at art-supply stores). Place handfuls of snowflakes in small glassine bags. Wrap a narrow ribbon around each; affix with double-stick tape at the top of the front and back (we taped a snowflake in front). Secure the ribbon and bag flap with a monogrammed silver sticker.

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Paper Flurry


A sprinkling of snowflake confetti on the tables helps set a merry mood. Use craft punches to cut snowflakes from silver paper; mix in coils and snippings of silver curling ribbon.

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Snowflake Cookie Favors

Wende LLT. Webber

Capture these delicate symbols of winter's beauty in dough, and share them with your wedding guests. Gingerbread cookies, piped with royal icing and highlighted with sugar and nonpareils, are perfect snacks for the post-reception ride home or the day after the wedding. Package them in clear acetate containers banded with ribbon and a quilling-paper label (ours reads "A love like no other"), both held on with double-sided tape.

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Flaky Favors

Mikkel Vang

A silver paper star seals the parchment wrapping on a stack of cookies in a mini tart pan.

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Icy Favors

Mikkel Vang

Metallic string secures a monogrammed tag and a tiny foil leaf to a transparent box filled with crystals of rock candy.

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Sweet Favors

Mikkel Vang

Clever wrapping makes memorable favors. Clear cellophane adorned with slim silver paper and metallic cord holds marshmallows.

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Hidden Surprise

Mikkel Vang

Silver cellophane wraps a box of white chocolates.

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Sudsy Samples

Mikkel Vang

A snowy felt square tied with a patterned ribbon threaded through holes punched in the corners makes an envelope for scented soap.

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Fragrant Handfuls

Victoria Pearson

Tied with a white taffeta ribbon, a springtime cascade of peonies floats on the tender foam of fresh white lilac sprays.

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Frosty Bouquet

Victoria Pearson

Frosty, waxy snowberries, available after the first frost, are mixed with icy dahlias and snowy tea roses, wrapped in pale-green satin, and make a crisp bouquet.

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In this bride's bouquet, tiny pinecones and evergreen sprigs are ringed with marabou.

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Snowman Cake


This winsome wedding cake is decorated with paper trees and "snowballs" piped from frosting and topped with a marzipan snowman and snow-woman holding a replica of the bride's bouquet.

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