If it's what you really want, don't let anyone stand in the way.
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The first stages of planning a destination wedding go something like this: After weeks of debate with your fiancé, you settle on a location you're both excited about. Then, you start shopping the idea of a destination wedding around to friends and family, getting a feel for which guests will be able to attend and which won't. And finally, you're overwhelmed with the data you've collected that runs the gamut of responses from totally enthusiastic to totally discouraging. Here's the thing: You shouldn't have to feel bad about having a destination wedding. The people you love who want to be there will find a way, and those who can't swing it will come up with another way to celebrate your love.

Here, more reasons why you don't have to feel guilty about planning a destination wedding if that's what you really want.

This wedding is about the two of you, and who you are as a couple.

As much as people will try to convince you to have a certain type or style of wedding, your wedding is really meant to be a celebration of who you are as a couple. If you both love to travel and explore far-off places, it only makes sense that you'd have an adventurous destination wedding. Celebrate that, because this traveling phase of your life may not last forever.

As much as your guests love you, they won't sign up to attend an event they can't manage.

The reality of traveling to attend a wedding can be difficult for some guests. Some may have a fear of flying, limited budgets, or may not be able to take enough time off of work. While that's a tough pill to swallow because you'd love for all of your friends and family to attend, they'll ultimately make the call that's best for them. For those guests who just can't swing it, they'll probably try to find another way to celebrate your marriage, either through a small dinner gathering or by sending a nice gift your way.

Your guests who are able to make the trip will have a memorable experience that feels like a vacation.

For the guests who make the trek, you certainly won't have to apologize for treating them to a weekend filled with good food, great music, and excellent company. Though it's tempting to fill every hour of your wedding weekend with group activities, be sure to leave some space for relaxation so your guests can fill in some of their time with their own agenda. Et voilà-guilt-free destination wedding!

You might inspire some of your friends and family to travel more than they typically would.

If you have a few guests attending your destination wedding who don't spend a lot of their time traveling, you might be surprised by the travel bug you've inspired. Maybe they'll tack on an extra few days or weeks to explore the region or a nearby place they've always wanted to see. You should never feel guilty about providing your loved ones with inspiration!


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