28 Stylish Groomsmen from Real Weddings

lindsey william wedding dc groomsmen
Photo: Abby Jiu Photography

These handsome gents are the definition of well-dressed.

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groomsmen aga jones
Aga Jones Photography

When it comes to dressing your groomsmen, there's a lot more on the table than the classic black-tie tux. We'll never stop swooning over those, but a little variety—and some fashion-forward thinking—never hurt. Let your guys take their cue from the following groomsmen from real weddings, who packed major style into their big day looks.

Plenty of these gents went for the tuxedo style, but switched it up through color, texture, or accessories. A surefire way to make a traditional suit less stuffy? Offer up quirky, colorful socks—and be sure to get a photo with all the guys pulling their pant legs up. If you're throwing a garden party and want your groomsmen to look put together (but not over the top!), consider shedding the three-piece ensemble. Dress them up in chambray-hued pants and vests, instead, and polish the look off with crisp white shirts.

Ultimately, deciding on what your favorite men do (or don't!) wear comes down to your wedding style. If you're encouraging guests to wear lawn-friendly shoes and plan on dining via food trucks, a full-blown suit-and-tie ensemble might not make sense. There's nothing wrong with sending your groom's attendants down the aisle in simple dress shirts, jazzed up with rustic suspenders or feathered tassels. After all, the pared-back look looks good on them—and will ensure that their next-level boutonnieres stand out.

And who said anything about mandatory matching? If the mix-and-match style works for your bridesmaids, it'll work for your groomsmen. Click through for all the style inspiration you and your favorite guys will ever need.

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Classic Magic

lindsey william wedding dc groomsmen
Abby Jiu Photography

We may be fans of variety, but there's absolutely nothing like seeing a group of groomsmen in that classic tux. The style is especially statement-making if the guys are wearing extra-shiny shoes, like this stylish bunch did.

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Loafing Around

alexis zach wedding italy groomsmen
Kyle John Photography

Multi-colored, crazily-patterned loafers add a fashion-forward touch to even the most casual of groomsmen looks.

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Jewel Tones

groomsmen branco prata
Branco Prata

Just imagine how perfect these two would look alongside another attendant dressed in emerald.

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Gray and Blush

groomsmen saculles photo
Brian Saculles Photography

Take a hint from these handsome men, and pair charcoal-colored suits with a pastel tie (like blush!) for a less traditional feel.

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groomsmen lara hotz
Lara Hotz Photography

Who says a tie makes or breaks the look? We love how these groomsmen went tie-free and let their khaki jackets and rose boutonnières do the talking.

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Punchy Tie

groomsmen stefanie kapra
Stefanie Kapra

A sleek tie—like this purple paisley option—adds a major cool factor to a fitted vest.

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Happy Socks

groomsmen koman photography
Koman Photography

This gaggle of groomsmen prove that a touch of unexpected color—like pale pink socks—can bring even the most formal attire (tuxedos and bow ties!) down to earth.

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Feathers and Geodes

groomsmen moody romantic
The Moody Romantic

Another way to break free of the neck tie? Go boho and swap in a feathered tassel, accented with a geode at the collar. Bonus points if the guys wear for suspenders, too.

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Burgundy Boys

groomsmen kristina lorraine
Kristina Lorraine

Love to look of mismatched jackets? Go for it, but consider linking everyone's look by suggesting they wear the same colored pants. How fresh is this group's interpretation, with burgundy, navy, and gray ensembles?

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Unexpected Shoes

groomsmen ariel renae
Ariel Renae

Cognac leather shoes keep an otherwise traditional look from feeling too formal.

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Royal Looks

groomsmen anouschka rokebrand
Anouschka Rokebrand Photography

Love the royals? Dress your guys up like Prince Harry and Prince William, who donned similarly-styled jackets for Pippa Middleton and James Matthews' nuptials in May 2017.

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The Best for Your Best Man

groomsmen mango studios
Mango Studios

We're not saying that the best man should outshine the groom, but we're all for paying him a little extra attention. This sleek gray jacket, lined with black velvet, is more than fitting for your favorite guy's favorite guy.

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Shades of Khaki

groomsmen lara hotz
Lara Hotz Photography

Tan, brown, and olive khaki shades keep your guys' looks in sync, while adding just a hint of casual variety.

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Teal, Tan, and Red

groomsmen fondly forever
Fondly Forever Photography

We love how these groomsmen tied their looks together using color. Here, the groom and best man wore teal green suits, which the groomsmen picked up in their ties and green-and-red socks.

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Seeing Navy

groomsmen caroline yoon
Caroline Yoon Photography

Matching navy suits, ties, tie bars, and crimson boutonnières virtually ensure that your guys will be the best dressed wedding party of the wedding season.

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Tartan and Chambray

hadley corey wedding groomsmen
Henry + Mac

We typically associate chambray with summer and tartan with winter, but these guys demonstrate that mixing the two seriously works.

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Pattern Play

alissa mark wedding groomsmen
Samm Blake

When dressing up the men, have some fun in the tie department. Keep the color palette the same, but let them choose a pattern that catches their eye. It's a fun (and simple!) way to help their distinct personalities shine through.

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Scottish Tradition

wedding groomsmen kilts
Chuck Baker

If you, your spouse-to-be, or your family is connected to their Scottish roots, give the guys the option of wearing kilts and sporrans on the big day.

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Rebecca Yale Photography

There's no one smoother than your groom's friends. After all, they probably did help him along when it came to courting and then proposing to you. Illustrate this, literally, by decking them out in velvet suit jackets and sateen bow ties.

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Go Rogue

Q Weddings

Suspenders, bow ties, neck ties, or bolo ties—combining styles together clearly works, if you stay within a defined color palette and tie everyone's look together with matching bouts.

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Purple Gingham and Polka Dots

The McCartneys Photography

Purple ties two seemingly divergent patterns, like gingham and polka dots, together perfectly.

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groom and groomsmen
Carrie Patterson

If he's a prep-school graduate, he'll appreciate this navy and khaki ensemble, topped off with light green bow ties.

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katie simon wedding groomsman
ali + julie

A smart pair of black-framed glasses make his suit-and-bow-tie look even classier.

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Dashing in Designer

Our Labor of Love

Throwing a super-formal event? Take notes from Dolce & Gabbana-clad Zach Braff and Prada-outfitted Joshua Radin—they served as Donald Faison's groomsmen for his 2012 nuptials—and go designer.

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Formal Fellas

Tec Petaja

These gents looked sharp in classic Calvin Klein tuxedos.

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Looking Sharp

Glen Allsop

These groomsmen prove that copying isn't a bad thing—including donning the exact same getup as the groom.

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Laid-Back Look

Q Weddings

Going super casual? Dress down the boys in vintage-wash Levi 501 jeans, pale blue button-down shirts, and suspenders.

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Earth Tones

Aaron Delesie

Muted shades of brown, gray, black, and navy make for a neutral, but striking groomsman look.

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