He also shared his role in wedding planning.
Nikki Bella and John Cena Kissing

Wrestler Nikki Bella was recently eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. While the moment was a sad one for the celebrity, her husband-to-be is taking it all in stride. John Cena recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight, and had the sweetest things to say about his fiancée's run.

"I thought she handled it great," the wrestler shared of her elimination. "I think I handled it worse," he added. "I think it was shocking to everybody that watched the show. I think when you watch the program, the goal is to take someone who doesn't know the skill and watch them develop over the course of time and I know she walked into that with two left feet. We used to dance together and just do the awkward prom dance, that's all we got. And man, in the arc of seven weeks she became a beautiful dancer, so I can speak for myself and say that I was extremely shocked."

If that's not adorable enough, he continued to praise Bella. "I thought she danced so beautifully. She took risks, she really was bold, she had moments of humility. She gave it her all and I think when you put that much into something, it doesn't work out the way you want, you can't have any regrets about it. So, I was just constantly trying to tell her that message."

Luckily, Bella and Cena have something else to look forward to-their wedding! The groom admitted that he's worried Bella will outshine him during their first dance. "I think I might just stand there and do like a teapot thing and let her do all her stuff," he teased. As for other wedding details, he's letting her take most of the reins. "I think I will be told what I'm going to wear for my wedding," he said, but that's fine with him. "I think a lot of the details with the wedding [are up to her]," he explained, "because I want the day to be very special for her. I just want everybody to have a fun time, but I want the day to be special for her, so the little details like that, if I'm told what to wear, I'll fit in just fine."


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