From added amenities to hiring an attendant.
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Not all wedding venue restrooms are created equal. While some venues have lovely powder rooms fit for a bride to freshen up in, many are subpar. Whether you're dealing with bad lighting, an ugly structure, smelly stalls, or you simply want to step it up a notch, here are the tricks wedding planners turn to when trying to make a venue's restrooms a little nicer for a wedding.

Pay attention to the lighting.

If the restroom is in a hotel or larger venue, you may be stuck with fluorescent lighting or bright, cold bulbs. Warm golden light is what you really want. Rather than have the lighting replaced, you might ask your venue manager if it's possible to use just half of the bright lights and supplement in the countertop and mirror area with tons of candlelight or LED candles.

Be careful with the placement of temporary restrooms.

A great way to "hide" temporary restrooms is to place tall hedging in front, or you might get creative and DIY a wood slatted wall. Better yet, many rental companies offer solutions for this sort of thing. Be sure to go with something that won't stick out as more obvious in the landscape (i.e. don't put up curtains outdoors).

Whether indoors or out, restroom cleanliness should be top priority for your guests.

If you have the option of adding a restroom attendant to service your wedding, go for it. If not, it's a good idea to ask your catering team or venue manager if they can assign someone to check each restroom hourly to make sure trash is being managed and the restrooms aren't too messy.

Add to the ambience with candles, flowers, and music.

A lot of venue restrooms have separate sound systems for their restrooms and you might consider organizing a playlist for this. Portable restrooms often have this option as well. You might consider placing a scent diffuser or scented candle in the restrooms as an added nicety.

Upgraded soaps and fabric-like hand towels are always a welcome addition.

Affordable upgrades can add a lot to your restroom. Things like scented soap and thicker hand towels are definitely worth it. Other staples your guests will appreciate include mints, hair ties, hairspray, bobby pins, spray deodorant, band-aids, stain remover wipes, toothpicks, hand lotion, bug spray, sunscreen, headache medicine, antacid tablets, sanitary items, and any other wedding-appropriate toiletry.


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