All it takes is a little bribe.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Official Wedding Portrait with Wedding Party
Credit: Kensington Palace via Instagram

When Kensington Palace released Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's official royal wedding portraits, many fans immediately fixated on one thing: the 10 adorably-posed children in the photos. How did the couple's wedding photographer, Alexi Lubomirski, manage to wrangle all those kids for the shots? He just revealed his secret to Reuters.

Apparently, all it took was a sweet treat to get the little attendants to be on their best behavior. "They were being bribed with one Smartie here, one Smartie there," the professional revealed, referencing the British chocolate candies (not to be confused with America's Smarties candy rolls), which are similar to M&M's. He saw how the trick had worked throughout the big day and decided to use it himself. "So, as the kids came onto the set, I immediately just shouted out 'Who likes Smarties?' and then everybody, hands up, smiles, even some adults put their hands up," he said. Well that explains Prince George and Princess Charlotte's big grins!

Future brides and grooms with kids in their wedding party, take note: Flower girls and ring bearers may be more complicit if they're offered a sugary prize for their cooperation! Lubomirski also dished on capturing the sweet candid shot of the newlyweds. "It was just one of those magical moments, when you're a photographer and everything falls into place," he shared. "The sun is setting right just over the top of Windsor Castle just behind them, it was just the most serene, beautiful light, they're in love, walking around this beautiful garden," he recalled. "I said just before you go in, let's sit down on these stairs, and she just slumped in between his legs. They were just laughing because they were joking about how they were exhausted and finally it was over." How picture-perfect does that sound?


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