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fall engagement photo

Once you've booked a wedding photographer, you'll like want to schedule an engagement photo session. Not only will you end up with a beautiful selection of photos to use on everything from your wedding website to your save-the-date cards, but you'll also get to know your pro a little better, plus get comfortable in front of the camera. Choosing the photog may have seemed like the hard part, but selecting your attire may actually be a bit more daunting. To ensure you love your photos (and the outfits you wore in them!) for years to come, we asked three engagement and wedding photographers to share their tips for choosing the right attire for this important photo session.

Keep it simple.

According to photographer Shauna Reiman, a simple, timless outfit is best. "You want your love and raw emotions to be the focal point of the photos. Wearing a flashy or complicated outfit will distract from that, she says, adding to stay away from anything that feels too of the moment. "Trends come and go, but you'll have to look at these photos for the rest of your life. The last thing you want to think to yourself is 'Why was I wearing that?'"

Show off your personality.

"If you are goofy and outgoing, wear something vibrant that reflects that," says photographer Aaron Bean. "If you're more romantic, go for dark and moody colors." No matter what, your attire should speak to who you are. A few other tips? "Coordinate clothes and choose outfits that balance each other out. Wear what you are most comfortable with because when you are comfortable, you will be yourself in front of the camera."

Don't be afraid to bring options

Tate Kirgiss says he always tells clients to bring two or three outfit options each. "I recommend something casual, something a bit more formal, and then something fun," he says. "I try to encourage couples to stay away from shirts with logos or graphics, and to stick to more neutral colors and no busy patterns." Your photographer may prefer one option over another, and can help you coordinate outfits that look best together, too.


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