If it can happen to Princess Diana, it can happen to you.

As she was getting ready on her wedding day in 1981, the soon-to-be Princess Diana attempted to put perfume on her wrists, but instead the nervous bride spilled the bottle down the front of her dress. International crisis? Nope. By cleverly holding her bouquet in front of the offending spots, the Princess of Wales concealed her faux pas to the world.

If it can happen to someone as poised as the late royal, then it could certainly happen to any bride on her wedding day. And it does-often. Whether perfume, water, coffee, or wine, more women than you'd think spill something down the front of their dresses. That's why it's smart to ask your bridal consultant about your gown's material and what to do in the event of a spill. Though it's unlikely to, you should be aware of some calamities that could befall your gorgeous wedding dress and solutions to fix those messy dresses.

Leave the spill alone.

The best way to treat a spill or stain on your wedding day may be to leave it alone. Attempting to clean it could make the wet spot spread or ruin the dress, especially if the material is delicate. Get it professionally cleaned ASAP. In most cases, water alone won't do much as a stain remover and may actually make the problem worse-you need a cleaning solvent, like dish detergent, to have any effect.

If you have to do something, test a hidden spot first.

While the experts all recommend leaving the stain to a professional, we understand that there are certain instances where you're going to have to give cleaning it a try. Before you attempt to remove a stain, test the cleaning solvent you plan to use on a part of your dress no one will see, like the inside hem, in case it damages the fabric or changes the dress's color.

Make sure you stop the spill from spreading.

Place a clean, dry white towel or cloth napkin under the affected area so that the bottom layers of the dress won't absorb the spill. With another towel or cloth napkin, gently dab your dress with the cleaning solution and blot the spill to absorb as much of the matter as possible. Don't rub, since rubbing could make any stain spread or penetrate the fabric more.

Don't sweat it.

Don't let this ruin your wedding day. You may think everyone is fixated on it but they're not. They're focused on the happy bride and groom. As for the wedding photos? Photoshop them!

Keep this stain guide in your back pocket.

For an oil stain, mix one part dish detergent and one part white vinegar. If it's a wine stain, try three parts cold water and one part dish detergent. For a makeup stain, try a damp cloth or makeup remover. If it's blood, mix four parts water, one part ammonia, one part peroxide, and one part dish detergent. For all of these methods, ensure you have a cloth beneath the stain so it doesn't run as you clean, then use a Q-tip soaked in your solution to very gently dab. If possible, though, leave the stain to the pros instead.


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