6 Cute Ways to Ask Your Flower Girl to Be Part of the Wedding

These ideas will impress her.

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Once your partner pops the question, it's your turn to pop several more questions to your friends and family. You're probably already brainstorming fun ways to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding, but have you thought about the other important member of your bridal party? The flower girl! She may be young and too little to remember every tiny detail (which you may be thankful for at certain-stressful-times!), she will never forget how you asked her to be this honorable part in your big day. Here are some fun ways for you to pop the question to your flower girl.

"Propose" to Her with a Ring Pop

Remember those candy rings you loved as a child? They're still being sold-and make the perfect proposal piece for your flower girl. Catherine Kowalski, founder and designer of Catherine Kowalski Bridal, suggests making the big reveal to your flower girl by placing a Ring Pop in a small box with a card that says "I can't say 'I do' without you! Will you be my flower girl?" "You'll be sharing in the excitement of your recent engagement with your favorite little lady," she says.

Do It with Dessert

If your flower girl has a sweet tooth (and what child doesn't?) ask her with a surprise dessert. You can go the easier route and offer up some candy along with a card or a verbal request for her to be your flower girl, or, Kowalski, suggests going the more personal route by ordering a cupcake that has your big question written in delicious icing.

Design Her a Flower Crown

The littlest attendant of your wedding will handle petals on the big day, so why not create her a stunning flower crown to go along with the theme? "Using flowers to ask your flower girl to be part of your big day is a no brainer," says Liz Curtis, wedding and event planner and founder of Table + Teaspoon. She even suggests using this as a fun bonding opportunity. "Make the moment a date with your littlest attendant by taking a flower crown workshop together."

Announce It with Balloons

Get the party started with some confetti-filled balloons. Kowalski recommends filling several balloons with colorful confetti, but only slipping the question in one, so you're making it a game of sorts-your flower girl has to find the big question! "Pro tip: Be sure to give the parents a heads up, so they don't walk into a mess!"

Present Her with a Book

"For younger flower girls, present a book like The Little Flower Girl by Linda Tracey Brandon or Fiona the Flower Girl by Carley Roney," suggests Kowalski. "A book will help them to understand their role as a flower girl, and they also include guides for parents." Another option is to order her a personalized coloring book. This way, you can incorporate your names, your wedding date, and some personal touches, like a character who looks just like your flower girl.

Monogrammed Jewelry

While this is going the more expensive route, depending on how close you are with your flower girl, you may want to consider a keepsake like monogrammed jewelry. "You're never too young to start building a monogram collection," says Curtis. "Order a travel bag with your flower girl's initials so that she can both bring her dress to the wedding in it and remember the occasion afterward."

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