5 Shoe Clips That Are a Total Snap to Make

Photo: Bryan Gardner

These can be removed after the party, although we highly doubt anyone will want to!

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Bryan Gardner

Adding chic flourishes to your friends' footwear—and your littlest attendants' too—is easy with custom adornments. Step lively with these DIY ideas for kicking up your wedding style.

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Decoupage Darlings

Johnny Miller

Give everyday shoes a big day makeover—and add a touch of flower girl whimsy fit for a wedding—by attaching these simple clips.

Make These Trompe L'Oeil Shoe Clips

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Fancy Flowers

YunHee Kim

For these petal-topped pumps, we printed clip art onto heat-transfer paper and ironed the delicate designs onto silk.

Make These Lace Floral Shoe Clips

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Budding Buckles

Raymond Hom

Dress up your flower girl's flats with ranunculus or rose flowers that are a pretty pick and easy to assemble.

Make These In Full Bloom Shoe Clips

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Step Lively

Bryan Gardner

Give neutral shoes fun embellishments in the form of poufs (or jewels, bows, and more).

Make These Pom-Pom Shoe Clips

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Paper Petals

Tosca Radegonda

Transform tissue or crepe paper into colorful dahlias and use them to decorate a pair of flower girl's shoes.

Make These Paper-Flower Shoe Clips

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