Pro tip: You might want to ask your parents to weigh in on the matter.
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For some wedding guests, there's nothing more satisfying than sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea at the end of a big, indulgent meal. For other attendees, these hot beverages are an afterthought-if they're cold, maybe they'll grab a cup with dessert or in between cocktails at the bar, but they'll otherwise ignore the display entirely. That begs the question: Do you need to offer these drinks at your wedding? Although not especially expensive, coffee and tea still cost money, and if you don't think your guests are going to drink it, you might not want to devote any of your budget towards additional beverages. Still, you worry some guests will expect it, especially the older set. If you're on the fence about whether or not to serve coffee or tea at your reception, here are a few things to consider.

What else will you be serving?

If you're planning to serve wedding cake or set up a self-serve dessert display, coffee and tea are "nice to have" items. They usually don't cost too much to include (sometimes the cost is even included in your catering budget), but guests will certainly reach for them if they're available. If they're not available, you might have a few guests asking the catering staff for them. If your wedding is a dessert-free occasion, serving coffee is probably not necessary.

Which guests will drink it?

The majority of coffee and tea drinkers at a wedding are folks who aren't drinking booze, who've had enough booze, or who are your parents' friends. Older guests tend to gravitate toward coffee and tea at the end of the night and it's nice to have something non-alcoholic for them to sip socially while they're taking a break from the dance floor. If you decide to forego coffee and tea, it's a good idea to include your parents in this decision just in case they feel strongly about it.

Is a big set up necessary?

It's definitely not necessary to have an espresso machine, coffee truck, or various types of coffee and tea on hand. If you know your family and friends are big coffee drinkers, these can be fun additions, but they're optional only if they're within budget. A simple coffee and tea station that's self-serve should be sufficient.

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Martha Stewart Member
February 22, 2021
It is not legal to return alcohol of any kind in Massachusetts. Many liquor stores break it or don't follow this law but check the state web site. Once you buy liquor you own it. If you don't have a liquor license you can not sell it back to the store.