Unlike his brother, Prince William, the soon-to-be groom is planning on wearing his band after the big day.

By Sarah Schreiber
May 02, 2018
Prince William and Prince Harry at Pippa Middleton wedding
Credit: Getty

Prince Harry has followed in big brother Prince William's footsteps in many ways while planning his wedding to Meghan Markle. Like Will, Harry will have a best man, celebrate his nuptials at the Queen's residence in Kensington Palace, and televise his vows. The younger prince, however, will deviate from Will's path in one important way, post-wedding: He plans on wearing a wedding ring.

If you look closely at any photos of Prince William, you'll notice that he never wears his wedding band. The reason? Personal preference, a royal aide told The Daily Mail October 2017. "It was something the couple discussed, but Prince William isn't one for jewelry," they explained. Harry, however, feels differently. According to an E! News source, Markle's future husband "does want to wear a wedding band," unlike William, "who prefers to go without one."

It appears that Harry can't wait to show off his newly-married status-which makes sense, considering he's reportedly beyond excited for the big day to arrive. The royal is "exceptionally happy" and "extremely excited" to marry the Suits actress in just over two week's time, explained a People insider.

Since the next time we see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely be on May 19-the duo has taken a reprieve from royal duties ahead of their nuptials-royal wedding updates will have to tide us over. The latest? According to a statement from Kensington Palace, Harry and Meghan will take a horse-drawn carriage ride following their ceremony at St. George's castle, during which they'll have the chance to greet adoring on-lookers in the streets. "Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are very much looking forward to this short journey which they hope will allow them to express their gratitude for everyone who has gathered together in Windsor to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day," the announcement said.


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