If you're having a hard time choosing winter wedding colors, we're here to help.
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Having trouble picking a color for your winter wedding? With everything from reds and whites to pinks and blues, it's hard to decide. To help you get inspired and stay on trend, we asked some stylish pros to share the season's hottest colors and tips for how to make them work for you. Here are their picks for winter wedding colors you and your guests will love.


Nothing says winter quite like red. "Start off with a super dark red like oxblood and mix it with a bright red to give it life," says Jung Lee, owner of Fȇte and Jung Lee NY in New York City. "See Coco Chanel or Valentino red, it's just one pop but not head to toe." Use this strategy to keep your red color palette chic and avoid a mass-market look. Look to the linens for your deeper base color and mix in bright reds in the florals or ribbon trimming on the napkins or tablecloths. Add in natural touches of green with beautiful florals, such as magnolias. If you're going for a bold look, Lee recommends using black candlesticks and candles. With the lights dimmed you'll only see the flames of the candles, which offers a flickering glow that's subdued and sexy.



Vibrant and beautiful, green gives you endless possibilities from rich, deep forest to lighter jewel tones, like emerald. So where should you use it? "Everywhere!" says Lee. With so many shades to choose from she recommends using it for the linens, like chair fabric, napkins, and curtains, cut crystal glassware, and fresh florals mixed with green figs, grapes, and other fruits or veggies to add more texture for a sophisticated feel. An easy way to add more color is with a touch of gold or platinum. Looking for more inspiration? Lee recommends looking to nature. "When I think of green, there are so many families of colors from teals to blue," she says. "If you look at the natural peacock color, any of those color combos will be beautiful."



We love pink, but not just any pink. Rose quartz is a shade all its own, and it's one of Pantone's 2016 colors of the year. "Nothing says beautiful, blushing bride quite like this sweet, feminine color," says Amber Clore of A.Clore Interiors in Florida, who's put together stylish looks for Disney Hotels and pro athletes, including NFL player Kyle Wilson. If you're going for a soft, romantic look, this is the color for you. Make it your signature color with rose quartz linens, bridesmaids' dresses, or flowers (peonies and roses come in this shade). Clore often mixes rose quartz with copper accents (think: picture frames, chandeliers, pillows) in home décor. Get the same look by framing your family photos, wearing copper jewelry, or adding copper sugar flowers to your cake.



This color is unexpected and perfect for the cool winter season. From cool, light powder blue to warm, rich navy, there are so many blue hues to choose, making it a look anyone can fit into their style. Lee looks to nature for inspiration, using colorful anemones, hydrangeas, and lisianthus mixed with mini Japanese eggplants and other fruits and veggies for luscious centerpieces. Her secret weapon for a perfect look is playing with linens. "When you look at printed textiles, turn them over," says Lee. The other side offers a washed-out look, which can be very cool and unique. For a cool color combo, look to purples and burgundies, which play off each other, giving you a masterfully sophisticated style.

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Looking to make a bold statement? Marsala, a rich reddish-brown color, is the color for you. "It's earthy, sophisticated, and downright gorgeous, plus it's widely available in flowers and fabrics," says Clore. To lighten up the room, use soft ivory candles, lush flowers (love hydrangeas!), and paper products, like menus and placecards. Or stay on trend with this season's "it" color, rose quartz as your accent color. "In design, more color equals more drama," says Clore. She recommends going big with marsala everything for a more dramatic, sexy look. This includes flowers, dresses, linens, everything! For a more subtle look, mix it in as an accent color with lipstick, jewelry, and florals.

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Show off your style with splashes of this dramatic color. It's such a royal color, and there are so many great purples that you can use to make it really classic and beautiful, says Lee. Start off with a dark, rich purple in the linens and add other shades of purple in the glassware and china. Mix this with polished silver or crystal candlesticks and a variety of flowers, such as dark (almost black) calla lilies and violet purple anemones, which have a dark center, for drama. Chairs are another great way to play up the look with either fabric (mix in a few shades or patterns to make them stand out) or let the chairs blend in with a ghost chair. For a budget-friendly way to add color, look to the menu cards. You can choose a few shades you like and use white knocked-out lettering.

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Nothing says winter quite like white. While this color is typically reserved for the bride's dress, making it the star makes everything (including the bride) shine brighter. Not only does it pull in the stark beauty of the season, but it can give your wedding that dreamy, airy feel, says Clore. In interior design, white is typically used to highlight architectural features like door frames and baseboards. Clore recommends giving your event a similar effect by using textures with bouquets and centerpieces filled with a variety of flowers from orchids to lilies to roses. For a dramatic look, go for texture with embroidered linens and chair covers, lace curtains, and a patterned cake.


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