Credit: Charles Schiller

Personal photographs make a reception space feel like home, and you don't need a hammer and nails to display them. Gather pictures of the bride and groom as children, plus relatives' wedding portraits; arrange on ribbons with calligraphed labels. Hang by the seating-card table for all to see.

Tools for the Task

Removable self-adhesive hooks are the secret to our photo display. Plastic hooks stick securely to the wall but pull off without damaging paint or most wallpaper.

These hooks (from 3M) are sold in several sizes.


Photocopies in wood or plastic frames


Wide satin ribbon


Heavy-duty staple gun


Chipboard or cardboard cut into 1-inch squares


Card-stock tags with names and year


White craft wire


Photo Wall How-To

Before you begin, be sure to check with your reception site about any restrictions on hanging things from the walls. To safeguard original photos, make color photocopies, reducing or enlarging as needed. Choose frames that coordinate with the reception site's decor.

1. Remove the support legs from the backs of frames, or tape flat. Place frames facedown at even intervals on a cutting mat marked with a grid.


2. Lay a length of satin ribbon down the middle of the frames, allowing 10 inches of overhang at both top and bottom; trim bottom end with pinking shears. For reinforcement, center chipboard squares on ribbon just inside top and bottom edges of frames; staple in place.


3. Fold top end of ribbon back 3 inches. About 2 1/2 inches from top, pinch ribbon, and center it over an 18-inch length of wire; wrap wire tightly around ribbon twice.


4. Bring both ends of the wire together, shape into a small loop, and twist to secure. Trim excess wire. To hang, slip wire loop over a removable self-adhesive hook that has been attached to the wall. To hide the wire, loosely knot a length of satin ribbon (about 9 inches long) and cut ends diagonally; affix to ribbon with double-sided tape. Attach labels with names and years under photographs using double-sided tape.



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